2015 Kids’ Choice Awards: Best Dressed! (@NickelodeonTV #KCA)

Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards is one of our favorite award shows throughout the entire year.

It’s a night where we get to watch some of our favorite celebrities enjoy a night celebrating kids and most importantly getting SLIMED! This year, the famous orange carpet was filled with our favorite celebrities rocking some very cool trends. It breaks our hearts to say however, that there were also some celebs that did not dress to impress.

Here is our best and worst dressed Kids Choice Awards 2015 edition.



Iggy Azalea makes our Best dressed list rocking a crop top with a floral maxi skirt. This is out fit is a lot different than Iggy’s usual outfits. Iggy is known for more of an edgy look and it is nice to see her wear something very girly and out of the usual. Her simple ponytail went perfectly with the look because it drew more attention to her outfit, that is quite simple, but very elegant.


Debby Ryan looked absolutely amazing in this colorful dress with the sheer top. It totally gave us an 80’s vibe that she completely pulled off. Let’s not forget about her adorable baby blue shoes that gave her outfit an extra pop of color as well as her clutch. One thing that definitely caught our eyes was her new hair color. It’s the new trend going around Hollywood. The silver hair with lilac undertones, which she looks completely gorgeous in. If any one can rock that hair color it’s Debby Ryan.


Making our best dressed list of course is the Beckham boys who look absolutely handsome. With their parents both being known for their awesome sense of style it was no doubt their boys would inherit their good taste. The boys kept it somewhat casual, but still very trendy on the carpet.


The girls from Fifth Harmony looked extremely trendy and elegant on the orange carpet. The girls wore a mixture of metallics, black, and beige tones that looked incredibly nice together. It can be quite difficult to dress five girls with completely different fashion senses and make it look good together, but these girls definitely pulled it off.


Lastly, but surely not least on our best dressed list is Willow Shields. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous and unique. For this award show many of the girls decide to go with dresses, but Willow went with a pants and and an attached crop top and the end result is incredible. This out fit has some edge with the side opening, but it is also a very mature and elegant look with the pants. Lets not forget about her purple pointed toe heels that added that pop of color to the outfit.



Zendaya Coleman’s outfits was not one of our favorites on the carpet. She went for a crop top with a pencil skirt look. The skirt’s pattern and color scheme did not look flattering and the yellow shirt seems to get lost in the yellow background. Her accessories were also a little too much. We are all for chunky bracelets, but there was way too much going on with so many big bracelets.


Olivia Somerlyn‘s dress also makes our worst dressed. There was a lot going on with this dress, but the part that we disliked the most was the top of the dress. The random koala on the dress threw us off a little and had us questioning why is there a koala there?


Kelli Burglund makes our worst dressed list as well with her bell bottom jeans. This look gives us a late 90’s look, but it was a look we just weren’t feeling. Aside from the fact that her jeans were bell bottomed they were so long that we could not see her shoes making the outfit look a bit awkward. It is said that bell bottoms are coming into trend again, but I don’t know if we’re ready for that trend again.


Nolan Gould’s went for a floral look which is nice to see in a male as well, but the color of the jeans with the floral design of the shirt were just too many neutral colors. He needs some pop of color in his outfit. He looked somewhat washed out with the carpet because of the color of his shirt and pants in most pictures.


Keltie Knight wore a lacey orange dress. The color was very vibrant and it goes nicely with spring however, we can’t help but think that the outfit was a bit inappropriate for a kid’s show. If the bottom of her dress would not have been see through than that would be more appropriate and it would look classier.


That’s our best and worst dressed list for the KCA’s 2015. Do you guys agree with some of our choices? What were your opinions?