5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Alli Simpson’s Cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Alli Simpson released a new cover video of DJ Snake and Justin Bieber‘s hit single “Let Me Love You” and we can’t get enough of it!

The flirty black and white video showcases Alli’s melodic voice and playful personality with co-star Nathan Niehaus.

“The first time I heard the track by Justin and DJ Snake, I was hooked,” says Alli Simpson. “My good friend Andrew Watt co-wrote the track so to go into the studio to create my own version of a track I love was an incredible experience.   I’ve also interviewed Justin on my radio show so hopefully he enjoys it…Justin if you’re reading this, I’m single, DM me haha ;)”

Here are five straightforward reasons why you must click on it right away and share with all your friends!

  1. You can’t ever go wrong with a DJ Snake and Justin Bieber song, especially when it is covered by such a sweet and talented artist.
  2. Her sultry vocals will make you fall in love with the song all over again.
  3. She revisits the song with her own electro twist and we love it!
  4. The visuals adorable and spontaneous; she looks absolutely stunning in it! #GirlCrush
  5. It is linked down below for you to watch and share right now 😉

Diana Espir

Written by Diana Espir