Meek Mill Seeks New Batteries After Drake Releases “Charged Up”, Read More Here



Hip hop star Drake proves time and time again that he is unapologetically claiming the throne to greatest rap artist in the game. Known for his latest album “If Youre Reading This Its Too Late” and his countless appearances on other artist’s songs, Drake proves he is a non-stop force in his genre.

Someone he has worked closely with for years under the watch of well known artist Lil Wayne, is the top female rapper Nicki Minaj. From touring, to song collaborations and endless gossip of fans wanting the two to date made their pairing almost inseparable when talked about in the media. And it seems this time is no different. Since Nicki Minaj is recently dating Meek Mills we wonder her take on the entire beef that randomly started between the two male rappers. Many speculate that Meek Mills found out all the relationship gossip between Minaj and Drake isn’t all false and lashed out.

Recently Meek Mills released his album “Dreams Worth More Than Money”  and none other than Drake featured on the track “R.I.C.O.”. However this budding friendship was short lived when Meek Mills publicly dissed Drake on Twitter. Meek Mills tweeted saying that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Drake however didn’t reply on Twitter, but instead replied in a one liner on his new track “Charged Up”. The lyrics “I see you n***** having trouble going gold, come and live all your dreams in ovo”. It was a clear diss to Meek Mills tweet confrontation. The real question amidst all this rap turmoil is does Frank Ocean really think we forgot about his album?

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