Here’s Why You Should Attend @AGreatBigWorld’s Kaleidoscope Tour This Spring

569584c09b2ec.imageWith Leonardo Dicaprio finally winning his overdue Golden Globe and A Great Big World recently announcing their North American headline tour, 2016 is definitely off to a fantastic start!

If you didn’t plan on buying a ticket to their tour, here are four tracks that might just change your mind. By the end of this review, you’ll be dying to see this duo (Ian Axel and Chad King) perform live this spring!

Their Kaleidoscope 2016 Tour will kick-off in Toronto, ON on March 3rd and end in Pittsburgh, PA on April 6th. Click here to get the full list of North American tour dates.

Our four favorite tracks from When the Morning Comes are…

All I Want Is Love

All I Want Is Love is the first track to greet us on this rather impressive album. The track begins slowly, but quickly picks up momentum. The music from the piano weaves effortlessly into the pounding of the drums which creates an upbeat, catchy tempo. Add in the meaningful lyrics and the song just comes together beautifully. It’ll bring back memories of when you first fell in love and wanted nothing more, but to fully submerge yourself in your emotions. Regardless of whether the outcome will be good or bad, the only thing that matters is your loved one.


Kaleidoscope will open your eyes to ‘a great big world’ with its visual lyrics and catchy instrumental. You’ll envision the music as if you were looking through an actual kaleidoscope! This song sums up everything you ever wanted, but didn’t say to your significant other. With their signature vocals and untouchable harmonies, this dynamic duo brings this song to life.

Hold Each Other ft. Futuristic

This track was released as a single in 2015 and in our opinion, the one that carries the most emotion. Unlike their previous work, this song takes on a more R&B feel, but still stays true to their classic sound. The underlying beat reminds us of Katy Perry’s Roar along with the emotional grasp of Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again. It highlights the comfort of a loved one’s embrace and gives us an insight of what it means to have a safe haven. By the end of the song, Hold Each Other will have hopefully restored your faith just like it restored ours.

When the Morning Comes

The album-titled track takes on a bit of a darker vibe, but still sticks to the recurring romance-theme. This amazing tune revolves around the belief that no matter what life throws at you, love can truly conquer all. Whether it’s because of the poetic lyrics or the bone-chilling music, this timeless ballad will make you feel something that you’ve never felt before.