A Fan Inspired Lauv’s New Song “Superhero” – Listen

Okay, this emotional track is all kinds of everything.

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All this time, we’ve been listening to Lauv, and sharing in his musical journey. And as it turns out, he’s been listening to us all right back. Our stories, our tales of heartbreak. The things that make us sad, the ways our hearts swell with emotion. All of it. And a poignant new song has come out of it all: “Superhero.”

This emotional roller coaster of a song was directly inspired by a fan experience the singer had at one of his latest tour stops. One handwritten note turned into a lyric, and blossomed into a beautiful track before any of us even knew it was happening.

“At my shows, I ask people to submit notes in a glowing blue box about whatever’s on their mind or whatever they’re feeling in that moment,” Lauv explained. “I call it my blue thoughts, and this song was inspired by an anonymous note left in that box.”

“I had no plans of writing this song, but 10 minutes after finding the note, it existed,” he added. “I then set out to find who the mystery co-writer was to learn his story and get their blessing to tell it, and after weeks of searching, I did. So now today the song, video, and story are out, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with my fans and the rest of the world. This is superhero.”

Honestly, there’s no better way that an artist can relate to their listeners than telling those fans’ stories directly though their work!

If you like getting hit in the feels with a flood of emotions, be sure to check out Lauv’s latest track and accompanying video above. Then, be sure to share your own reactions with us below.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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