Album Review: Kalin and Myles “Chase Dreams” EP (@KalinAndMyles @KalinWhite @YourBoyMyles)

Kalin & Myles PromoBreakout hip-hop duo Kalin and Myles got us hooked on their catchy beats ever since we heard their first song from Vine called “Stuck in Kodak.” On June 17th, the boys released their debut EP Chase Dreams featuring seven songs that make us feel as if we are enjoying the California sun right there with Kalin and Myles.

The seven track EP takes the listener through the different scenarios that include a possible love interest, a fun day out with your friends, and more. When listening to Chase Dreams, its hard not to notice how many instruments and beats are involved while producing the track. The EP shows the time and dedication both Kalin and Myles put into producing the record. Chase Dreams is definitely on our summer playlist — will it be on yours?

CelebSecrets4U broke down the EP track by track! Check it out below.

1. “No Ordinary Girl“: “No Ordinary Girl” sets the tone for the EP with a tropical reggae feel and Kalin and Myles’ signature rap. It’s a fun and relaxing track that is perfect to listen to while soaking up the sun at the beach. When listening to “No Ordinary Girl,” we’re reminded of that giddy feeling we all have had when crushing on that special someone during the summer.

2. “Got You“: When listening to the first few seconds of “Got You” we feel like we are listening to a Chris Brown pop song. Then, Myles slides in with a rap that makes “Got You” an instant classic kick back melody. You will definitely be crusin’ to “Got You” in the car!

3. “Love Robbery“: Already a hit single, “Love Robbery’s” lyrics remind us of losing track of a first love. Thanks to Kalin and Myles, “Love Robbery’s” upbeat tempo creates a new way to listen to an unrequited love song. Did we mention that the music video for “Love Robbery” was produced by the boys? Loooove it!

4. “Nobody But You“: “Nobody But You” has the perfect mix of pop and rap with a soft-paced guitar solo. The witty lines that Myles spews while Kalin sings melodies just makes us want to giggle! In our opinion, “Nobody But You” explodes happiness.

5. “Feel Like Partyin’“: In “Feel Like Partyin,'” Kalin serenades the listener in the beginning. Then a cool side-track of piano and the background beat comes in — then you’re ready to party.

6.”Go To Work“: “Go To Work” has already gained alot of attention for the right reasons. If there is any song you want on replay at a club, it’s this one.

7. “Do My Step“: Like “Go To Work,” “Do My Step” will have you moving after listening to the first verse. You’ll be definitely dancing to “Do My Step” no matter where you are!

For more on Kalin and Myles, take a read at our with the guys Q&A here and purchase Chase Dreams EP on iTunes by clicking the following link: