Alex DeLeon Premieres Acoustic Version of Bohnes’ Track “Six Feet Under” – Listen Now

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The Cab‘s former frontman Alex DeLeon is releasing new music under a badass solo project called Bohnes and we’re absolutely loving it.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Bohnes, the music pulls from influences like Johnny Cash, Rage Against the Machine, Justin Timberlake and Frank Sinatra while maintaining a global focus in every aspect of the project.

This week, Bohnes dropped the acoustic version of his song “Six Feet Under,” which balances the adventurous energy of the original track while also highlighting the impressive falsetto range and unique quality of his voice.

I just want to show everyone how much I care about this project and what I’m writing about, what it means to me, and what the fans and their patience have always meant to me.” DeLeon shared. “‘Six Feet Under’ is just the beginning of all of that and it’s about bringing emotion back from the dead.”

Listen to “Six Feet Under” below:


Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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