All New Back-to-Back Episodes of @YoungandHungry Tonight on @ABCFamily – Watch a Clip!


Sofia suffers a case of mistaken identity while Josh marks his “appy birthday” on two all new back-to-back episodes of Young & Hungry, airing on Wednesday, September 23rd at 8PM and 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

In “Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back,” airing at 8PM ET/PT, Gabi is determined to keep Sofia from moving back to Florida, so she arranges a spa day at a fancy hotel, courtesy of Josh’s charity swag bag. When Sofia is mistaken for a prostitute by a mysterious stranger she’s flirting with, she realizes it’s a sign to pack it in and move home. Gabi’s effort to fix things only complicates matters, but she gets a little unexpected help when Sofia’s luck spins in a brand new direction. Elsewhere, Elliot and Yolanda’s attempt at exercise has painful results while Josh’s date with a spin instructor leaves him feeling a little self-conscious about his masculinity.

In “Young & Trashy,” airing at 8:30 PM ET/PT, Josh is about to release his first new app in a year, and he’s freaking out about this important moment in his career. Elliot and Yolanda have some creative presents for Josh, but a panicked Gabi didn’t realize that such an occasion requires a gift. She and Sofia hit their local thrift shop and find the perfect thing – a black mock turtleneck just like Steve Jobs used to wear. When it turns out that it’s actually Steve Jobs’ turtleneck and the family will pay big money to get it back, the girls go to great depths to steal it from Josh, which isn’t easy since he thinks it’s his lucky charm. Meanwhile, Yolanda tries to trick Josh into admitting that he doesn’t like her gift.

Check out some clips and stills from tonight’s episodes below.


Photos: Eric McCandless/ABC Family