All Time Low Gets Up Close and Personal with Fans in “Missing You” Music Video – Watch Here!

A little over a year ago, All Time Low released their latest album, Future Hearts, via Hopeless Records. On this record, one song, entitled Missing You, hit home to their fans more than any other.

Today, All Time Low released their Missing You music video, but this music video was unlike any other that the band has ever released. Via their Facebook page, All Time Low had a lot to say about this video:

“Here it is! ‘Missing You’, at its core, is about connection, and the community we’ve built around this band – It’s a call to everyone feeling a little messed up or singled out. This video shows that we’re all in it for the same reasons, because with music, and this amazing community, we don’t ever have to feel alone.” – All Time Low

Throughout the video, the band surprises unsuspecting fans by chatting with them via a Skype call. During the calls, they get personal with fans by asking about the friends they’ve made in the All Time Low fanbase, what the band means to said fan and more.

You can watch this up close and personal music video down below!

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