Alyson Stoner is Goodwill’s New Ambassador for “I Pour Life” Campaign – Get the Scoop!


For two weeks this September, singer/dancer/actress Alyson Stoner will embark on a trip to Korah, Ethiopia, a leper community of over 100,000 people, as a Goodwill Ambassador for a the nonprofit organization I Pour Life (IPL). IPL believes in giving a Hand UP for Sustainability through identifying individual and community needs and while in Korah, Alyson will help empower women with life and leadership skills. Leading up to her trip, she is raising $10,000 to help the trip come to life with all proceeds going toward building homes for those in need, art supplies and other resources.

In return for donations received, the Phineas & Ferb actress is offering special “thank you gifts” to her fans. The gifts range from a social media shout out to a date with Stoner herself. See full list and breakdown below.

Before the former Missy Elliott dancer takes off to Ethiopia, she will be demonstrating her diverse acting skills in two feature films. Stoner will sing and dance her way through the new highly anticipated teen musical Summer Forever where she stars alongside Megan Nicole and Anna Grace Barlow. Shortly after on August 18, Stoner will star in the new Lifetime drama Sugar Babies, where Stoner’s current single “Pretty Girls” is featured.

“Pretty Girls” music video debuted last month and garnered attention from many fans and national platforms.

For more information and the latest news on Alyson Stoner, please visit For more information and to donate, fans can watch her personal IndieGogo campaign video below and donate here.

I Pour Life Donations:
$20 – Social media shout-out
$30- autographed photo
$50- personalized voicemail greeting or a custom haiku written by Stoner
$75- black & white sketch by Alyson & personally signed
$100- special video shout-out
$150- 10-minute FaceTime or Skype chat
$200-15 minute FaceTime or Skype chat
$500 –Special Instagram video
$1000-Personal lunch made by Alyson or fun date with the triple threat
$2000 – Alyson will come to your town and teach a dance workshop

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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