Amanda Leighton Talks Emma & Jesus’ Future on “The Fosters” – Read the Q&A! (@MandyPandyLeigh)

Credit: Ricky Middlesworth Photography
Credit: Ricky Middlesworth Photography

The season finale of ABC Family’s hit drama The Fosters is only hours away!

In the finale episode titled “Someone’s Little Sister,” Callie turns to her biological father when she learns Rita and the Girls United foster group home are in dire need of support, but an unexpected betrayal threatens to derail the new bond she’s forging with the Quinns.

Meanwhile, the pressure Connor faces from his father to end his friendship with Jude intensifies and leads Lena to make a life-changing decision. The tension mounts between Brandon and Lou, despite their bandmate Mat’s warnings against drama. And a visit with someone from his past makes Jesus see his relationship with Hayley in a whole new light.

In honor of the special TV event, CelebSecrets4U chatted with Amanda Leighton, who plays Emma on the show. In our Q&A, Amanda talks about Emma’s personality, how she relates to her character, what its like working with Jake T. Austin, and behind-the-scenes set secrets!

Make sure to tune-in to the season finale of The Fosters tonight, August 18th @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

You play the role of “Emma” on The Fosters—can you describe “Emma” to our readers that may not be familiar with your character?

“Emma is a person who is true blue to herself. She’s the only girl on the Wrestling Team and tends to hang with the guys. Needless to say she’s a tomboy but she is sensitive and wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s the best friend/girl next door type so, her relationship with Jesus was a friendship first. She genuinely cares about Jesus and his well being but is not afraid to tell him how she feels or that she disagrees with him and that’s caused some problems. She can also tend to be a little bossy but I think she’s working on that! Lol!”

Can you relate to Emma in any way, shape, or form?

“Oh definitely, in many ways. I was sort of a tomboy growing up and enjoyed having several guy friends. I was into Gaming and Anime so it was something I had in common with a lot of my friends. I wasn’t in Wrestling but grew up in competitive dance….which a lot of people think of as girly, but competitive dance is something completely different. It’s all based on skill. I also wear my heart on my sleeve just like Emma so, it’s easy for me to access her in many ways.”

What’s it like playing Jake T. Austin’s love interest?

“He is great to work with and he brings a lot of experience to the table. He’s nice, personable, and always professional.”

The season finale is premiering this Monday on ABC Family – what can fans expect from Jesus and Emma in the episode?

“We’ll Jesus has a lot of important decisions to make about his relationship with Haley right now. I think at this point he doesn’t want to fail at another relationship so he’s overcompensating. He needs to decide if either Haley or Emma are the right girls for him.”

What is your favorite part about filming The Fosters?

“I love all the cast and the crew. Production is awesome so it figures the cast and crew they pick are all great too. It’s a trickle down effect :)”

Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one behind-the-scenes set secret from The Fosters that fans wouldn’t really know?

“We generally don’t know what’s gonna happen until the night before the Table Read. Sometimes the Producers will give us a little insight into what they would like to see happen with our character but most of the time we are as surprised as you are. Lol!”

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