American Idol Auditions Continue In Philly And Denver! – Check Out Our Recap! #Idol (@americanidol)

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From legendary parents to tear-jerking confessions, American Idol is definitely pulling out all the stops for its farewell season. It’s only been a week since the show has premiered and we’re already neck-deep in tears and Kleenex tissues with all these sob stories. This week the judges tackle Rocky’s hometown, Philadelphia, PA, and The Mile High City aka Denver, CO.

Auditions start off strong in Philly with our first contestant, Gianna Isabella. The 15-year-old quickly reveals that she’s the daughter of Brenda K. Starr, a Hollywood starlet who first burst on to the scene in  the 80s. She is well-known for her timeless ballad “I Still Believe” as well as being the one responsible for employing Mariah Carey as her backup singer. Gianna’s audition goes well, but it makes us wonder why her mother didn’t just give her the push she needed to get into the business rather than her auditioning for the talent show.

A few more hopefuls get their ticket to Hollywood including a Justin Bieber look-a-like and a waitress who wows the judges with her lovely rendition of “Lips Are Moving” by Meghan Trainor. To end the third night of auditions is John Arthur Greene who shares a heartbreaking story of how he accidentally shot and killed his 13 year-old brother when he was 8. The story goes that Greene and his brother were playing Cops and Robbers when they got their hands on a gun. Not knowing the gun was fully loaded, Greene pulls the trigger and shoots his sibling point-blank. The incident has clearly scarred Greene, but it has not broken his spirit. He walks into the auditions with confidence and pulls it off effortlessly. He makes it through to the next round with everyone rooting for him. Who doesn’t love an underdog?

The quest continues as we begin the two-hour episode on Thursday (Jan. 14). We kick off the night with James Dawson VIII and Amber Lynn. Although Lynn’s big note falls flat and Dawson makes a nervous rush through his guitar rifts, the best buds make it through with all three saying yes. The next singer to get a golden ticket is CJ Johnson who sings his version of “You Make Me Dream” by Hall and Oates. His refreshing audition receives a yes from all the judges and our soulful contestant is on his way through to the next round. The next few contestants include a hyper man who gets the judges to shoot some hoops and a charismatic rapper who puts a smile on the judges face, but falls short on receiving a single yes. Overall, auditions in Denver are a hit as several receive multiple yeses in a row.

Tune into Fox again next week at 8/7c as the search for the next American Idol continues!