Ana Receives Some Unsettling News About Her Business in New York Tonight on ‘Startup U’ – Watch a Clip! (@StartupUTV)


Shawn’s desire to win lands him in hot water on an all-new episode of “Startup U,” airing on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

In “6 Degrees to Nowhere,” the students visit Drybar where Founder Alli Webb shares her story, highlighting the fact that her business came from the heart, which ultimately led Drybar to grow from a small and mobile model into its current form. Sharon takes advantage of the situation and introduces Alli to her app, Hotpoint, much to the annoyance of her classmates. Shawn is determined to win funding regardless of the rules, so he focuses on his original business idea, 6 Degrees, while enlisting Robbie to handle another proposal, RoundIt. When Sequoia confronts Shawn about his dual business plans, he resents her questions and refuses to accept any suggestions. Meanwhile, Ana receives some unsettling news about her business in New York, which only adds to the pressure she has put on herself to succeed.

Alli Webb (Founder, Drybar) is a guest speaker.

Check out the promo and some stills from tonight’s episode below.


Photos: Ron Koeberer/ABC Family

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