Andrea Russett Makes New Movie VIA Snapchat See The Deets Here!

This past weekend April 28th – May 2nd YouTuber, Andrea Russett took us on a horror story through snapchat. The story began with Russett laying down on the floor with her hair over her face and the picture read “Sickhouse” to a normal viewer, like myself I thought it was just for fun, but as the story and weekend continued we met Taylor, Andrea’s cousin who came to visit her randomly in LA. It was hard to tell at first if it was all fake and planned or if the story was real because Russett is known to have a long story filled with her everyday activities. There was one thing every viewer was certain and that was Andrea’s cousin was an odd one.

We went on this journey with Andrea and her cousin before they ventured to Sickhouse, a haunted house where a woman is said to reside with a deathly and contagious illness. On the way there we saw JC Caylen and other YouTubers.

The last scene of the Snapchat story all you hear is a guitar playing and see a black screen. We were left wondering what happened. We found out about 24 hours later what happened. Andrea took it to her YouTube platform to explain what happened.

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This was one of the most innovative ways to get fans interactive. We loved this idea, it took us back to one of our favorite first person horror films The Blair Witch Project. It was filled with intensity and left us refreshing our story feed every two minutes, but don’t fret if you missed it… It’s here to stay and will be able to be seen at your leisure in about a month.

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