Anne-Marie Drops Powerful “Perfect To Me” Music Video – Watch

How do you define “perfection”? The singer’s latest single, and its inspiring music video, will make you re-think your answer.

Over the past few months, I have amassed quite the collection of Anne-Marie tracks on my daily playlist. From her sassy collaborations like “FRIENDS” (with Marshmello) to her nostalgia-packed millennial anthems like “2002,” the 27-year-old singer has supplied me with a tune to turn to at any moment of my life. Now, the artist has just unveiled the new music video for her latest single “Perfect To Me,” and I’m even further convinced that we’re always on the same wave length.

Through this inspiring, body-positive song, fans get to see a more personal and introspective side of Anne-Marie, who has opened up about working through insecurities to find self-acceptance.

The music video starts out as a serious of outtakes, and transitions into an interview-style chat with the artist sharing how her perception of “perfect” has changed throughout the course of her life. In family home videos and her confessional, we learn she’s transformed her ideologies dramatically over the last few years especially. Throughout the video, other fabulous individuals are interviewed about their definition of “perfect,” and [Spoiler Alert!] there’s no one answer to that!

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were forced to re-evaluate your ideas of beauty or perfection, you’ll seriously relate to the message behind this song. And the music video will speak so authentically to you.

For me? I’ve been known as the “fashion girl” of the friend circle since I could talk – and therefore pick out my own outfits. But over the past year, I’ve faced a few health challenges that have made comfort, warmth, and baggy-fit my priority over aesthetic preference. Some days it’s hard to put makeup on, and others it’s more a drudgery to cover the dark circles and spottiness than the fun routine it used to be. Like, right now I am wearing red plaid pants, my dad’s souvenir t-shirt from Las Vegas, my college hoodie, Christmas socks, and burgundy Doc Martens with yesterday’s mascara. What actual nonsense is that?

Every so often I think I can do so much better than this, and that keeping a sense of my self means dressing up to the nines regardless. But other days I don’t feel like performing someone else’s idea of perfect, and that’s “perfect to me.”

Be sure to catch Anne-Marie’s new “Perfect To Me” music video above, and leave us all of your reactions below.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

Kristine is a writer and celebrity entertainment news journalist with a specific obsession with Nickelodeon + Disney Channel shows, boy bands, K-Pop, Broadway, and international series dramas. If she's not writing or tucked away in a good book, she is most likely traveling the world and spamming her friends' Instagram feeds with photos from her adventures. Kristine has a BA in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University (2011), and an MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Thought from NYU (2013). She is currently pursuing her second Master's in Journalism at Harvard.