Are You Feeling This New Video? Feeling Myself Video Released! More Here! @NickiMinaj @Beyonce


Nicki Minaj and Beyonce released their collab video “Feeling Myself” on Tidal. These goofballs sure know how to make a great video and have fun while doing it! What it looks like is a chill afternoon with the ladies chilling by the pool, where each scene shows them in a new cute outfit and lipsticks perfect for the summer. The dynamic duo even show’s themselve’s having fun at Coachella, we love this new set of bffl’s. What else would one suspect with  the queen of pop and the queen of rap than anything, but a fantastic video. Is anyone else wondering why they released it around the same time of Iggy Azalea and Brittany Spears collaboration or is it just a coincidence?

In Other news Beyonce is hard at work once again even after the video is released, her new collab album with husband Jay Z is underway is is said to be released sometime this year. As for Nicki she is rightfully enjoying her hit album and new boyfriend Meek Mill. Stay Tuned for Anything Else and for now check out a clip of the new video here, to watch the full thing grab an account on Tidal!



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