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Ariana Grande has not taken a break since the beginning of the summer, from the release of her hit single’s “Problem“, “Break Free“, and the explosive collaboration with Rap Star Nicki Minaj and Talented Jessi J “Bang Bang”. It was only inevitable that her new album would be so successful. The Album “My Everything” was released August 25th, 2014 and has been number one on on Itunes since. As if this accomplishment wasn’t enough  her debut single from the album “Best Mistake” Ft Big Sean, joined her other two songs on the chart “Bang Bang” and “Break Free” making Ariana Grande the first female artist to have three songs in the top six chart at the same time! This album portrays a different side than her first album “Yours Truly” and was filled with amazing artist collaborations including, Big Sean, ASAP ferg, and Childish Gambino. Heres a List of the album Songs and a Link to go buy them on  Itunes!

1. Intro: Just a little intro didldy!

2. “Problem” (Feat Iggy Azalea) – Hit the charts as soon as it was released this song is about moving on from an old love and realizing that your better off apart than together(Perhaps has something to do with a recent break-up).

3.”One Last Time“: Its a bit of a goodbye song to someone you cared for, this song is a tribute to wanting to be with someone even if its for one last moment. Its easily relatable for anyone going through a breakup.

4. “Why Try“:  This song is about feeling like wasted efforts go without reward, and has us singing along to the memories of trying to continue something that has reached its end.

5. “Break Free” (Feat. Zedd): A song about moving on and finally realizing you can. One of the most woman empowered songs on the album.

6. “Best Mistake” (Feat Big Sean): This song is about the beginning of loving someone new and finding them in a strange situation. It shows a sweet side of rapper “Big Sean“.

7. “Be My Baby” (Feat. Cashmere Cat): A smooth medley about allowing someone new in your life and the jitters of new love.

8. “Break Your Heart Right Back” (Feat Childish Gambino): One of my personal favorites this song brings an old tune “Im coming out” with a new spin making it easier for us to jam through a heartbreak.

9. “Love Me Harder” (Feat. The Weeknd)”: A upbeat techno beat mixed with lyrics about finally being with a new love and wanting it to continue.

10. “Just a Little Bit Of Your Heart“: This song is a about finally wanting reciprocated love and wanting to feel secure in a new relationship, its piano background makes for a beautiful medley.

11. “Hands on Me” (Feat A$AP Ferg): A fun song about going out and enjoying yourself, and finally getting dressed and moving on, and the beat is sick!

12. “My Everything“: Its about realizing a person can be all you need  if they are right for you and a true love song of being with your first love.

13. “Bang Bang” (Feat. Jessie J & Nicki Minaj): This song is exciting from start to finish it, it immediately gets you grooving and singing until you don’t have a voice left. (And Then Continuing still!)

14. “Only I“-Its a song about not being able to believe that you could be the full attention of someone. The light feel of the song is easy to listen to on smooth car ride.

15. “You Don’t Know Me“: A song for all newly single girls letting those know that no one knows them better than they know themselves.


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