Armie Hammer Makes Broadway Debut In “Straight White Men”

Celeb Secrets caught a look at the thought-provoking new production during opening weekend of previews.

Straight White Men
Paul Schneider, Josh Charles, Armie Hammer, and Denis Arndt in "Straight White Men"

Young Jean Lee‘s brand new play Straight White Men has just started its previews at 2nd Stage Theater, and Broadway audiences have surely never seen anything like it before. It’s 2018, and the words “straight white men” add up to way more than a basic descriptor. Now, it references privilege — though not all members of this community acknowledge it, believe in it, or take actions to check it.

But not the characters of Straight White Men, the stage production. Armie Hammer, Josh Charles, Paul Schneider, and Denis Arndt (ed note: I saw understudy Stephen Payne perform, who was wonderful) star as the straight white men in question. And talk about white privilege and white guilt they do, and over Christmas dinner and takeout noodles yet not.

The show centers around a dad and his three adult sons, who are all successful and accomplished in their own ways, yet revert back to childish pranksters and quarreling bros as soon as they come home for the holidays. Something about being back home makes them let their guards down, but also reminds them of the principles they were raised with. But they quickly realize that a lifetime of acknowledging their position of privilege hasn’t translated into any real-life change.

There’s nothing dry or preachy about this production, which is actually lighthearted, fun, and centered around relatable family problems. If you can see your family reflected in these characters, you’ll know how authentic it rings. And if nothing about these straight white men tells your family’s story, you can peek into an intimate look at the dysfunctional yet loving holiday celebrations of a curious group of men.

If you go, Straight White Men is currently playing at The Hayes Theater at 240 W 44th Street through September 9, 2018. The official opening night is July 23. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or via Telecharge.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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