Asher Monroe Reveals 5 Secrets From Making Short Film “Book of Love” (Exclusive)

The singer/songwriter opened up about writing, directing, and starring in his new film

Jesus Acosta/Celeb Secrets

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here — Asher Monroe can officially call himself a filmmaker!

The singer/songwriter just released his upcoming short film Book of Love, which she stars in, writes, and directs. The film follows Asher on a wild adventure where he faces struggles with family Homelife, twisted sinister cowboys, nearly drowning, and finding true love at the top of a deserted sand dune in the Sahara. You’ll also be able to hear songs off his latest album Inner Warrior!

Celeb Secrets caught up with Monroe to learn five secrets from filming that we wouldn’t catch while watching it. Keep scrolling to learn more and let us know what you think of the documentary by leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post.  


  1. The horse I was riding in the beginning almost ran me into a wall. He was so fast and he never wanted to walk.
  2. The day we were digging treasure up on the hill, we found a huge rattlesnake that made all the crew run in every direction.
  3. We had scuba tanks for myself and my dp on the day of the underwater shoot. I would take air from the tank and then try to deliver my lines underwater.
  4. Not a fun fact but in interesting fact. The western town that that we shot at and used in shows like West World burned down in the recent CA fire. We used a piece of history that will never be rebuilt,
  5. This was the first major project I directed fully myself. Since then I have directed 4 projects. It opened up the door for me to sit the directors chair and follow my visions.
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