Attention NYC: Logan Paul is Opening a Maverick Pop-Up Shop This Weekend

Logan Paul/Twitter

You good bro?

That’s a rhetorical question, also a question that the famous internet personality, Logan Paul, uses in his vlogs as a part of his famous You good bro?™ surveys.

If you watch every vlog that Paul uploads, you would consider yourself to be a part of the Logang, aka his fan squad. You would also be considered a Maverick. A what? Yes that’s correct a Maverick, which means “someone who is different, unique, stands out from the crowd” as Logan Paul likes to put it.

This weekend in New York City, Paul will be having a pop up shop for his Maverick merchandise, which is inspired by his pet parrot named Maverick. The store will be open on Friday July 14th from 1PM-8PM, Saturday July 15th 11AM-8PM, and Sunday July 16th 11AM-3PM.

Aside from purchasing the merchandise, fans who stop by the pop-up shop will get to see Logan as he will be making appearances to take pictures with fans throughout each day.

Make sure to tweet us your photos at @CelebSecrets4U if you wind up stopping by!


Written by Will Heffernan