Austin & Ally Get Married In Series Finale – Check Our Recap! #GoodbyeAustinAndAlly


After four hilarious seasons and a whopping 87 episodes, Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally have said their last goodbyes, but not before giving fans a little glimpse of what the future had in store for the 4 teens – Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish – who stole our hearts.

The two-part series finale aired on Sunday, January 10th. The first half revolved around everyone pursuing their dreams and leaving Miami. With Austin (Ross Lynch) prepping to embark on his world tour, Ally (Laura Marano) gearing up to begin college at Harvard University, and Dez (Calum Worthy) setting off to LA for film school, everyone is just about ready to part ways. As for Trish (Raini Rodriguez), who’s still unsure of what her plans are, she will be the one to look after the music factory while everyone else is gone. Since the lovebirds will be apart for some major holidays, Austin and Ally decide to celebrate them early. While they focus on that, Trish sets off to audition for the Spike Stevens Musical that Dez arranged for her. During their several attempts to celebrate the upcoming holidays, including New Years and “Easterversary” (combination of their anniversary and Easter), Dez interrupts their date. After another failed-attempt at having an intimate date, Trish tries to tell the gang that since she scored the role, she wouldn’t be able to watch over the factory. The surprising news catches everyone off-guard resulting in Ally, Trish, Dez, and Austin to get into a huge fight. Although everyone is still on bad terms with each other, they still make an effort to attend Trish’s play. After what seems to be the end of our favorite four besties, it’s none other than Trish and her heartwarming rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend” that saves the day.

We then jump 4 months into the future to see Austin proposing to Ally, but we soon find out that it’s completely fake! Austin is actually just picking up a bug off the floor (nicely played Disney). The truth is that Austin and Ally broke up because they just couldn’t handle the distance apart. But now that Ally is done with school and Austin has some time off from touring, the two are making their way back home. Trish and Dez then devise a plan to get the two back together. They trick them to both make an appearance on The Helen Show. As Helen presses them with hard-hitting questions, an uncomfortable Ally goes off-stage with Austin following closely behind. Backstage, Austin and Ally finally confess that they’ve missed each other, but quickly realize that Ally has a performance coming up. Even though the performance went well and the two seemed to be on the right page, Ally just doesn’t see them getting back together since Austin would be away on tour. He then proposes that they become an official duo! Ally agrees to the plan and we then jump forward 10 years.

In the second time jump, we find out just how everything came together: Dez ends up marrying Carrie and together they have a little six-year-old named Darrie, Trish ties the knot with Chuck and they have a beautiful daughter together, and Austin and Ally become married with 2 kids.

Overall, the finale was absolute perfection and the closure we all needed. We finally find out that Ally’s middle name is Edgar, Dez closes out the last scene in a “The End” tee, there are subtle hints to a movie that could possible be called “Austin and Ally’s Story”, and it ends where it all begins: with the duo creating music at the piano. This may be an end to the series, but it is definitely not the end of Austin and Ally.