Austin Mahone Announces Track List for Upcoming Album via Snapchat – Full List Inside! (@AustinMahone)



It’s #TrackListTuesday Mahomies!

That’s right – Austin has officially announced the titles to his nineteen-song track list for his upcoming album, This Is Not The Album and we couldn’t be more excited. Austin announced the track list today via snapchat (@yungmahone) with some acapella sneak peaks by yours truly.

While announcing each song individually he gave a bit of background about what each song means to him:

Track #3 – It’s a true story!

Track #4 – About a girl he’s known for a while but he “doesn’t want to mention names” Could it be Camila?

Track #12 – “Very R&B”

Track #13 – Austin wrote this song during a time when he was “going through a lot of stuff”

Track #18 – This song is for his Grandma – aw!


Check Out the Entire Track List:

  1. Put It On Me ft. Sage The Gemini
  2. Same Girl ft. Kalin and Myles Austin-Mahone-This-Is-Not-the-Album-2015-300x300
  3. Brand New
  4. Do It Right ft. Rob Villa
  5. Rollin ft. Becky G
  6. On Your Way ft. KYLE
  7. Caught Up
  8. Something So Real
  9. Love You Anyways ft. Rob Villa
  10. Red Lights Ft. Chris Brown
  11. What It Do
  12. Deep End
  13. Hate To Let You Go
  14. Apology
  15. Who’s Gonna Love You Now
  16. Hold It Against Me
  17. If I Ain’t Got You ft. Kyle Dion and Jessica Sanchez
  18. Not Far 
  19. Dirty Work (Remix) ft. T- Pain


There is no set release date for Austin Mahone’s This Is Not The Album so stay tuned for more!

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