Azealia Banks Unleashes her new album “Broke With Expensive Taste”


Azealia Banks is a New York native, who spits her bars from the streets she knows in Harlem where she was raised. She has dropped multitudes of mixtapes, gaining her a fan base online and withing her community. She is known for spewing the truth and incorporating pop-tech beats. Known mostly for her dropped single “Aqua-babe” on the mix tape “Fantasea“. She reinstated the uniqueness of rapping and allowing it to be transformed by the array pf music she uses. Not only is she a New York Artist she has taken on the UK, and Australia.

The Album “Broke With Expensive Taste” incorporates her fast raps and instills the fact that this rapper is back with a vengeance, shes unapologetic in her music and we love how open she can be. One of our favorite song’s “Gimme a Chance” shows off her cultured side where half way in the song she starts speaking Spanish.

Well keep you posted on any more news revolving this “Ice Princess” but for now check out her album!

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