Bart Baker Spills What Made Him Join YouTube and Talks New Album ‘Celebritease’

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Through his hilarious and creative parody videos, digital star Bart Baker has garnered over 16 million followers across his social channels and over 8.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone.

I was inspired to create my YouTube Channel from the Lonely Island,” Baker told Celeb Secrets exclusively. “Their older videos that were on SNL, like “Jizz In My Pants” and “I’m on A Boat,” inspired me to start creating comedy music content.”

Known for releasing parody videos of popular hit songs by the likes of Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers and Ariana Grande – Bart always manages to entertain his audience. By maintaining a very high production quality, Bart has quickly become the top parody star on YouTube and has officially released his debut album, Celebritease across all streaming platforms this month.

Celebritease is an eight-track record that has all original music. Unlike Baker’s YouTube videos, there are no parodies on this project. The beats were made from scratch with top-notch producers and are named after another well-known pop star.

“The goal of the album was to do 8 different songs each in kind of style that in the name of that artist,” Baker said. “For me, it was the best way to kind of transition my audience from just the parody stuff to more of the mainstream music without going straight out with original music that has nothing to do with my brand.”

Baker feels that Celebritease is a transitional album in a way, because he will be putting out new, original music very soon. “The album has comedic vibes to it. It has very clever lyrics, kind of like LMFAO. LMFAO’s videos and songs were all pretty silly, but were crazy hit songs at the same time! People really dug that, so my music has a similar vibe. It’s pretty fun and upbeat,” he shared. 

With only a few weeks out on the market, Bart has been seeing many positive reactions towards Celebritease. “All the fan reactions have been great. I think people are surprised I can actually sing,” he said. “Everyone thinks that I hire voice people to do the parodies, but I do like all the vocals on every parody too. When I put the album out everyone was like ‘Omg you can sing?’ I’m like ‘yeah, I’ve been doing it for 6 years!'”

With song titles such as Justin Bieber, Kimye, Drake, and Taylor Swift, there is one track, however, that does not have a person’s name on it. Called #DWBD – Don’t Worry Bout Dat, the song is actually Bart’s favorite off the album. 

“My favorite song on the album is actually the only song on the album that isn’t named after a celebrity. It’s called “Don’t Worry Bout Dat.” It’s got that Michael Jackson vibe to it.I really like that one because it’s kind of multi-genre, different demographics it’s not just for people who like this type of music or that type of music. Young people like it and older people like it,” Bart shared. 

Keep up with Bart Baker by following him on Twitter at @BartBaker and listen to Celebritease below.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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