Show Review: Bea Miller Private Showcase in Los Angeles (@BeaMiller)

BEA MILLERHollywood Records hosted an intimate showcase for Bea Miller at the Old Largo on Fairfax Thursday night (July 10th) in Los Angeles.

The exclusive showcase celebrated Bea’s debut EP, Young Blood, that dropped this spring. The 15-year-old singer/songwriter performed songs off Young Blood including “Dracula,” “Fire N’ Gold,” “Young Blood,” and “Enemy Fire.” Bea also wowed the crowd with a cover of Adele’s “Turn Tables.”

“Instead of just writing a ‘thank you’ letter to everyone for their support I figured we could just rock out for a bit,” Bea said moments before she began performing.

Bea’s unique and raspy voice catches people’s attention immediately after she opens her mouth. Her music has a ‘rock n’ roll’ vibe that contains a lot of electric guitar and drums, giving it an edgy sound.

Bea has definitely come a long way since her days on season two of the hit singing competition The X Factor. Her vocals have improved immensely and she has officially found her niche in the music biz.

ICYMI: CelebSecrets4U caught up with Bea earlier this summer where we chatted about the recording process behind Young Blood, her partnership with Deep Blue, and what’s next for the rising star. Click here to watch the video!

Photo: Kennia Cardenas/CelebSecrets4U


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