Beauty Influencer Paula Galindo Is Taking Over YouTube One Country At A Time

The Colombian YouTuber is dominating the lifestyle, fashion and beauty game.

Source: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images North America via ZIMBIO

Paula Galindo is slaying YouTube! With more than 6 million subscribers, her channel (@Pautips) is your go-to destination for all things beauty and lifestyle. The 23-year-old Colombian recently left her home country to move to Los Angeles, California and start her English language channel!

We got the amazing opportunity to talk with her about the big move, her recent major collab with SHAY MITCHELL and the new content she has planned for you.

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Celeb Secrets: Talk to me about the evolution from when you first started your channel until now?

Paula Galindo: “I first started doing beauty tutorials because I’m really into makeup and the whole beauty industry, but through the years I’ve changed my content – more lifestyle related. I also talk about fitness, healthy lifestyle, I talk about traveling, fashion and everything a girl can relate to; Like morning routines, fitness routines, what you have to pack to travel, how I take care of my skin. I also like to talk about woman empowerment and I also have a book that’s a bestseller in Latin America that talks about girl power and how to do things by yourself and dream big. Now I just moved to LA this year and it has been amazing! I wanted to have the experience to challenge myself and to show people that if you have a dream, just go and do it!”

CS: What was it like for you to leave your loyal fans in Colombia to come to LA to start your English channel?

Paula Galindo: “Actually, I didn’t leave them. I think I take them with me everywhere becuase they follow my path, they follow my journey so what I’m doing here is just building a dream and they’re part of that. What I say is I’m here because I want to work and it’s better to try things than to never have tried so I don’t want them to feel like I left Latin America, but it’s the opposite. I love them so much that I want to put my word into this country, I want to make something that my audience will feel proud of.”

CS: Talk to me about Bora, Bora and what it was like to be with a bunch of other YouTubers who have different interests?

Paula Galindo: “Since I got here to this country, brands have noticed me and I’ve been to a few makeup brand trips like Benefit Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics. I got the chance to be invited to Bora, Bora with a lot of America influencers and it was such a cool trip because I follow a lot of these American girls since I don’t know how many years and to actually share and get to know me, good connections. It has been amazing and crazy because I’ve never thought about it because we really like the same things – lifestyle, business, beauty – we click and then we cross audiences because they want to have more of the Latin American audience and I’m trying to make my path here in the United States. So it’s actually better when there’s an organic relationship for two to collaborate.”

CS: There are so many YouTube channels out there! How does it make you feel that you’re one of the top beauty influencers?

Paula Galindo: “I like it, but I’m also really thankful because of my audience. It’s for them, that I’m here building this dream and working a lot. I really want to spread the word that Latinas are powerful, that we’re a powerful community in the United States and we’re coming to build a big community to share audiences show that we have really good culture down there because many times they’ve passed me and said “wow, you’re Colombian. How did you get here?” and I’m like, “by plane like everybody else.” To actually educate a lot of people here that we have a lot of culture and good places to go out in Latin America and the beauty industry is growing every single day and actually sharing and learning about industry in this country is amazing to me.”

CS: What part of Colombia are you from?

Paula Galindo: “I’m from Bogota. The reason I moved to LA was because I have a lot of upcoming projects – I’m going to launch my own web series that’s going to be called “The Best Version of You” where I can the look of my subscribers so we’re going to start shooting here in LA the first episodes and then we’re going to move to the whole Hispanic parts of the United States and then Mexico, Colombia and a bunch of other countries.

I just came back from Texas where I had a meet and greet in Texas and I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up and it was packed. It was a really cool moment for me, like knowing them in person and feeling like I really have subscribers in this country even though they have all like latino backgrounds, but they identify with me and my journey.”


CS: You had a collab with Shay Mitchell – what was that like?

Paula Galindo: “Yes! We have a friend in common and she told you have a really nice personality, maybe she would really like you. They showed her my content and she was really interested in it so we went out for lunch one day and we clicked – it all happened so fast. In like a week, she came back from her travels and then we did the collab. I made her try Colombian treats, Colombian goodies and it was really funny how she reacted to all of our traditional snacks and then for her channel, we recreated a tutorial from someone really important here in Latin America and we tried in both languages – Spanish and English.”

CS: We’re Celeb Secrets! What’s one secret you can share with us?

Paula Galindo: “My dream place to go is Greece. I would love to travel to Greece!”

Written by Cassie Hudson