Big Sean Takes Us Back In New Music Video “

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Big Sean has made another hit as well as a nostalgic new music video. Many artist pull from television hits to inspire their album art, music and now music video’s. “Play No Games” video is made to replicate the hit TV series of the 90’s “Martin“. From the outfits right down to the mannerism Big Sean, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla $ign did an amazing job of making us feel like we were watching an actual episode. As if the video wasn’t great enough they even featured the original cast member from “Martin”, Martin Lawrence.

The video was featured at BET awards and since then has gone viral. We have to say Big Sean is very precise with his videos and always knows how to entertain. We cant wait to see whats next for this hip hop artist, after the break up with Ariana Grande we weren’t sure if we would see a lot of this star but he seems to be bouncing back just fine. Wanna catch the video? Watch below and keep checking in for more!

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