Bob Harper Returns as HOST for the New and Improved Season 17 of ‘The Biggest Loser’ – Read Our Q&A!

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "1701" Episode 1701 -- Pictured: Bob Harper -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "1701" Episode 1701 -- Pictured: Bob Harper -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Health and fitness expert, Bob Harper, has been with The Biggest Loser since day one. For 16 seasons, he trained contestants on the show — pushing them to drop both the physical and emotional weight they had been carrying around on their shoulders. America watched as he helped people get their lives back and train them to be winners both on and off the show.

Now, Bob is back for season 17 of The Biggest Loser and he’s happily taking on his new role as HOST of the show. He’s excited for viewers to see what he brings to the show as a host and the new features of season 17, which include a new state-of-the-art gym, a new logo, a new “Temptation” theme and a return to the popular team vs. team competition.

However, just because Bob is no longer a trainer of the show, doesn’t mean we won’t get to see him interact and dig deep with the contestants. When CelebSecrets4U spoke with Bob, he assured us that he remains very opinionated and he will offer his opinion and expertise whenever he feels it’s needed. He’s ready for everyone to see the upcoming new season and he just wants fans of the show to know “that your old show that you’ve loved for such a long time is back and it is better than ever.”

The new season of The Biggest Loser airs Monday, January 4, 2016 at 8/9 PM on NBC.

Check out the promo for season 17 below and make sure to read our Q&A with Bob Harper.



CS4U: Can you tell us what you are most excited about us knowing? You know changes you’ve made; you’re definitely someone that we see as very authentic and caring so I’m excited to hear what you’re excited about.

Bob Harper: “Well I’m very excited about this season. I’ve been on the show since season one and I felt like doing season 17 was my very first season. It’s got such a different feel, it’s fresh, it’s new and it’s exciting. I – when I was first asked about my thoughts of being the host for the show, my initial thought was I want to make sure that I get to really bring my personality in, I get to bring in the history that I have of being on the show for a long time. I wanted to bring something completely different to that role. And I really feel like we accomplished it. It’s like – it has been exciting, it’s been fun, it has been extremely challenging walking into those weigh-ins knowing everything that I know it’s like I made sure that not only the contestants were under a microscope but the trainers were too because I just – I put everyone under a microscope and kind of spotlighted – spotlight everyone during the season.”

CS4U: How did you become the new host of The Biggest Loser?

Bob Harper: “Well I was approached by the executives at NBC and they had just had this idea and they thought you know they brought me in thinking okay what do you think about this and I was just over the moon about it. I thought this would be something new, something exciting and it really gets to show me in a different light. I feel like I’ve had a lot of fun this season being the host, it’s been extremely challenging yet rewarding because I’ve gotten a chance to work with every single one of the contestants. And I don’t have to worry about you know weight loss or weigh-ins because I get to just like focus on just them and it’s been a lot of fun.”

CS4U: How is it different from when you were one of the trainers?

Bob Harper: “Well I mean being one of the trainers it’s like you know you can kind of just go in and you do your job and you’re training them and you work really hard and you get to like work with them on a certain level. With being the host and the way that I wanted to approach being the host this season was not only do what’s expected of me and that’s kind of like you know run the challenges and you know run the weigh-ins but actually get to work with them in like an open forum and turn our house into that rehab center which I really believe that it is and it’s like – it’s been very – it’s just been such a rewarding experience because I think that when you get a group of people in a room together and they just start talking to one another about one another it’s just – there’s nothing but growth that can happen there.”

CS4U: So now that you’re a host on the show do you interact with the trainers at all? With Dolvett and Jen do you offer them any advice? Or do they come for you for advice? Or you just kind of let them do their own thing?

Bob Harper: “Oh no I mean like I said like I said this to everyone in the beginning I was like I am a very opinionated person, I’m like I have a lot to say. And I’m going to offer my expertise in my field, I’m going to be able to like – I wanted the trainers to know that I was going to be there for them for anything that they needed. But I’m also going to be there to make sure that they are working as hard as they possibly can and I’m going to challenge them. And you’ll see that throughout the season. It’s like I challenge them because I know what it takes to be a trainer on that show, I know what is required, I know that you can have no other life when you’re doing this job because it is all consuming, it is 24/7 and I make sure that they get that feel of it.”

CS4U: And for this new season it says that the contestants are going to be spending more time off campus so how do you think that is going to change the competition from the previous seasons? And do you think that that will have like more impact on them when they leave the ranch?

Bob Harper: “Well that was our hope I mean to be – like more so the latter of what you just said and that is to get people more informed when it’s time for them to go home to get them to have as much information as they need when it’s time for them to go home because we want to do our part in helping them as much as we possibly can. But we can only do so much. You know it’s like when you’ve seen people that have gained their weight back on our show it’s like you know we try to help them as much as we can but it’s like it’s their lives and they’ve got to implement it and they’ve got to change their lifestyles when they’re back at home because if they don’t then their old lives are going to creep back up on them.”

CS4U: Now this season is all about new things, a new theme, a new logo, how do you think that that has changed the dynamic of the show and for you as a host?

Bob Harper: “I really do like you’ll watch the first episode and just – I mean I just watched it recently and was kind of blown away, I was like wait a minute is this the show that I’ve been on you know for 16 seasons? Because it looks different, it feels different, it’s like I don’t know there’s just – and everything is just so new but there’s still that same feel of what The Biggest Loser is all about. I don’t know it just – I think it’s fresh, I think that not to sound, I mean I think that I bring something different to it because I was so focused. I mean everyone at work was just kind of like woe who is this Bob Harper right now because he is coming in with guns blazing. And my mentality was I’m coming in at 100% and I demanded for every single person working on that set this season to be in the exact same mind frame as me. It was like we all needed to kind of come in and just like breathe new and fresh air onto a show that’s been on for a long time. And I mean it was – it really translated, I was excited when I saw that first episode.”

CS4U: The theme for the season is temptation nation I believe?

Bob Harper: “Yes.”

CS4U: How exactly are you tempting these folks? Do you put cupcakes on their pillow? I mean what are you doing to temp them?

Bob Harper: “What we’re doing is we are bringing up any temptation that we have found that not only the people that have had on our show but people in general have had be in money, food, luxury, be it time restraints, it’s like we have really focused on every single challenge or every single temptation that people would have and give them some sort of like a different way of looking at it. So it’s like if you were tempted by that feeling of I just want to eat whatever I want and not be able to do it like you know we’re going to really be able to shed some sort of light on every single one of them. And I think it was done smart – we did it carefully so you know it’s like you’re going to see in the very first episode being tempted by money and I think so many people can relate to that. And it’s like what they do when they’re tempted by it.”


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