Brandi Glanville Throws Wine at Jeff Louis on Live Television ! (@BrandiGlanville)


171604066Real House Wives of Beverly Hill’s Star Brandi Glanville throws wine in fellow Bravo star’s Jeff Louis‘s face on Watch What Happens Live!

On Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville thew a class of wine on cast member Eileen Davidson after having a disagreement on the show. Later that night after the episode aired, Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis, where she once again threw wine in someones face.

Host Andy Cohen asked if she could run her fingers through Lewis‘ hair and after refusing to do so, Lewis asked “Could I get an STD from that?”

“Yeah. Pretty much” Glanville replied and then gave him a warning to check himself.

After a commercial break, she addressed Lewis by quoting the comment he said about her and the STD as she threw her wine in his face and stated “As long as you wet it, I think you’ll be fine.”

The audience and Lewis were in shock and Glanville just told Cohen to continue on with his show. She then stated “I have no STDs. You’re good. Alcohol kills everything”

“Including feelings!” Cohen joked to lighten the mood on his show. Cohen had noted that on the commercial break the two seemed fine with one another after Lewis apologized and explained that it was only a joke that he made about her talking about an STD in her book.

Glanville broke down in tears on television saying how upset she was and Lewis repeated to say that he was sorry and that he was only joking although he had wine just thrown at him.

Later that night Glanville tweeted “People @JLJeffLewis & I were joking! We are good friends ! I turned around cuz I couldn’t stop laughing we wanted to fool Andy! #wefooledandy”

Photo: Wire Image/Gregg DeCuire

Written by Juliet Schroder

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