Breathe, Just Breathe, New Zayn Malik Single? Read More Here!

Okay, we are totally freaking out too! Zayn Malik has officially dropped his first single…and its amazing. Is it a bit of a retaliation to the One Direction band recently dropping music video to “history” showing Zayn Malik and the boy’s fooling around? Only they know for sure but either way One Direction fans and newly formed Zayn Fans will unite over listening to this heartthrobs new single “Pillow-Talk“.

Pillow-Talk” is a slow-beat song focused on talking to someone in, well you know…bed. After breaking it off with ex-fiance Perrie Edwards Zayn has apparently moved on to dating Gigi Hadid. In fact the photo above was recently leaked of him and Gigi kissing. Who’s to say when he wrote this song, but we have a feeling its post-perrie.

Check out the new song and go to iTunes and download it!