British Triple Threat Mackenzie Sol Releases New Single “Taken” – Listen Now

Listen to the new single from the 17-year-old British triple-threat and social media star.

With more than 66,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 230,000 followers on Instagram – it’s safe to say Mackenzie Sol is slaying the social media game! Now this triple-threat has released new music. The new single called “Taken” — with lyrics by GRAMMY award-winning Songwriter Diane Warren — is both smooth and energetic.

“I immediately loved the beat of this song, and lyrically, I loved the fact that it’s about me with a really hot girl,” he jokes.

“When I heard Mackenzie I knew he would be the one to make ‘Taken’ a smash and I know I will be proven right,” predicts Warren.

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Born to professional singers, Mackenzie grew up in Northern England. He was only four years old when he earned high prasie from Simon Cowell during an X-Factor UK audition. From there, he went on to star in numerous stage productions in his pre-teens and studied at the world-renowned Royal Ballet School in London.

Take a listen to the hot track right here:

Written by Cassie Hudson