Brooke Sorenson Talks “Modern Family” and Single “3 Days” – Read the Q&A! (@BrookeNSorenson)

Brooke Sorenson/Instagram
Brooke Sorenson/Instagram
Brooke Sorenson/Instagram

Brooke Sorenson, a budding actress and songstress, is ready to make a name for herself in 2015.

The Charlotte, North Carolina native and songstress got her start doing local community theater and later became a member of multiple professional theater companies. She spent summers auditioning for Broadway s well as studying acting, voice, and dance in New York City before moving to Los Angeles at the age of twelve to pursue television and film.

Currently, Brooke can be seen on ABC’s Modern Family, Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, Disney XD’s Mighty Med, and Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally. On Modern Family, Brooke plays the daughter of a tacky family that moves in next door to the Dunphys alongside Andrea Anders as her mom. On The Thundermans, Brooke plays “Madison” — a strong-willed “mean girl” cheerleader, on Mighty Med, Brooke plays “Stephanie” — a manipulative love interest to Bradley Steven Perry’s character, and on Austin & Ally, Brooke plays “Violet” — the violin prodigy that comes to Sonic Boom to meet with Austin and Ally.  

Brooke also has a strong passion for music. Her current single “3 Days” will be coming out on iTunes soon.

CS4U caught up with Brooke recently to get the scoop on all of her super cool projects! In our interview, Brooke talks about her experience on Modern Family, her favorite Disney and Nickelodeon show to film, her inspiration for writing songs, and more. Make sure to check out our Q&A with Brooke below!

CS4U: What can you tell us about your character on “Modern Family” and the upcoming episodes you’re featured in?

Brooke Sorenson: I have so much fun playing my character, “Tammy”, on Modern Family. Tammy is your stereo-typical snotty teenager, who isn’t very fun to be around. She is apart of the new tacky family that moves in next door to the Dunphy’s, we cause a lot of trouble for them. All of the Dunphy’s want us to move out except for Luke Dunphy. He takes a liking to my character a lot, especially is the most recent episode. That was my favorite one to shoot so far, in the end he tries to play hard to get, and Tammy actually is surprised and kind of likes it. So that kind of gives you a hint as to where the Luke and Tammy relationship is heading.

CS4U: You have a variety of Disney Channel guest spots coming up this year. Which show was the most fun to film?

Brooke Sorenson: Such a hard question! All of the Disney and Nickelodeon shows I work on are so much fun to film. It’s impossible to choose one.

CS4U: You’re releasing your single, “3 Days,” soon. What is the inspiration behind the song, and the sound of your music in general?

Brooke Sorenson: “3 days” is a very girly, pop – ish, song. What inspired me to do the song was really the meaning that the song had behind it. Its about a girl who gets broken up with and is feeling upset but then all her girlfriends surround and make her feel like she doesn’t need him. She decides she has “3 Days” to get over him and that’s it! So much GIRL POWER 🙂 That’s what I love most.

CS4U: Would you like to tour in the future, or focus mostly on acting?

Brooke Sorenson: You know, I’m really open to anything… I have such a passion for both acting and singing. What I would really love is to be apart of a project that incorporates both!

CS4U: Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2015?

Brooke Sorenson: I sure did! My first one is to treat my body better and work out more of course! I think I’m going to be doing a lot of hiking this year, it’s so fun AND you get a good work out. Also to live in the moment more and not worry about the past or future, just enjoy the present 🙂

CS4U: What advice do you have for young girls pursuing film and television?

Brooke Sorenson: Be sure that it is something you are really super passionate about because it’s hard work. If it is, don’t give up, sometimes it is easy to want to do this, but don’t, keep pushing through 🙂 Also, please please please stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone along your journey change you.

CS4U: Since our website is called CS4U, do you have any secrets or hidden talents you can share with us?

Brooke Sorenson: Hmmmmm 😉 Well a hidden talent.. It’s kind of weird but I can touch my tongue to by nose! LOL Also I’m OBSESSED with elephants and pandas!! I really want to go to Asia one day.

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