Bruce Jenner: The Break Down and What You Need To Know

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner known for his debut on The Kardashian Show and the beloved father of Kylie and Kendall Jenner has surprisingly become the subject of all news outlets this week. For sometime after the split between Kris Jenner and Bruce rumors flowed of the belief that Bruce was truly inside a woman and seeking an operation. Many of the ill-written jokes reached the internet saying “the girls led him to this decision over their crazy fanatics” and “It was all a stunt“. Bruce Jenner boldly stepped up to the plate while the rumor’s flew behind him and he released his full story to ABC.

Bruce Jenner was a former Olympian and well known so it was a shock he lived his life unhappily. in the interview he stated he took hormones in the 80’s but stopped the process because of embarrassment. As we slowly unraveled his secret life he allowed it to dispel all other rumors. Bruce Jenner notified the world he is more feminine than male and will be carrying out his life as a woman. Truly showcasing the main idea that derives from The kardashian Show his family is nothing but supportive and closer than ever backing up his choices and stating how proud they are. They arent the only one’s,  fan’s of the show and the world thanks Bruce for his honestly and shedding light on a shadowed topic.

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