BTS Announces New Music In the Best Way Possible

Also, why is Jungkook sitting in a wheelchair?

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After winning the BBMA for Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards this past May, BTS has been DOMINATING the world!

At midnight KST today, the band revealed on their social media platforms that they will be putting out new music this year. After releasing the first poster of the ‘Love Yourself’ series online, #LOVE_YOURSELF was trending #1 Worldwide on Twitter within the first 30 minutes of this reveal.

‘Love Yourself’ is a new concept, which Rap Monster alluded to when the band accepted their BBMA when he said, “….Love myself, Love Yourself.”

The ‘Love Yourself” series will continue throughout the rest of 2017 and 2018, which is a continuation of past concepts introducing their previous recordings for School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, and WINGS.

The first poster that will be unveiled includes singer/dancer Jungkook sitting in a wheelchair with the phrase, “The day when you want to run towards where your heart is headed,” which is sure to cause curiosity among the active fandom, ARMY who are waiting somewhat impatiently for new BTS music, photos and information.

Bighit Entertainment explains, “The poster is really a teaser for the concept of the ‘Love Yourself’ series which is filled with clues as to what is to come next. BTS is always wanting to keep their fans guessing and excited as the concept is rolled out.

BTS will finish out 2017 with some previously scheduled tour dates but mostly they will be concentrating on the reveal of ‘Love Yourself’ with additional posters and other clues following today’s first image. The new music in 2017 and 2018 is scheduled to come out in September.

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