Burkely Duffield Weighs In on ‘Beyond’ Two Hour Premiere

BEYOND - "Pilot" - A young man wakes up from a coma after 12 years and discovers new supernatural abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. "Beyond" will premiere Monday, January 2 at 9 P.M. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/Katie Yu) DILAN GWYN, BURKELY DUFFIELD

After all the anticipation, Freeform’s new series Beyond is finally here!

For those of you who didn’t have the chance to watch; don’t worry. We won’t give away any spoilers! We will, however, tell you that the two-hour premiere was absolutely crazy, and you need to tune in ASAP.

“If you watched the premiere, you’re going to see a lot of questions being asked and a lot of cool answers will be given to you throughout the season. I could only tease that there’s is going to be a lot that goes on with Holden as well as all these other characters, as you’re only going to see the intensity ramp up through the episodes. I think we are going to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to come back for more!” Beyond star Burkely Duffield says.

There were many so many things that happened during the world premiere, but Burkely‘s favorite part was to just introduce Holden and the rest of the gang to the world.

“I think there’s so many cool parts! I think in general my favorite part of the starting premiere is going to be showing everyone this world and these characters, and really having them dive into this universe that we’ve really worked so hard on,” Burkely tells us exclusively. “You get to see these characters that you are going to come to love and characters that you are going to come to hate. There are also all these cool action sequences that we’ve been very excited to show, so I think my favorite part is just going to be finally being able to reveal the show and show everyone what we’ve been doing!”

At the end of the two-hour premiere, we saw Holden had strange memories, and Willa (Dilan Gwyn) is the only one that can help him.

“Willa is a very interesting and mysterious character for Holden. She finally gives him these answers to questions that he has, and it’s someone who looks like he can turn to with these abilities,” Duffield says. “Holden’s not really stepping back into a normal life and there’s something more to him now. This is something that brings him back to [Willa], and I don’t think he trusts her quite yet. However, he’s intrigued by her knowledge and intrigued by this girl who seems to know more than he does.”

Binge the full season of Beyond on Hulu and the Freeform app, and make sure to catch episode three next Monday, January 9th @ 9PM ET/PT on Freeform.

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