Cali Rodi Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her “Cake” Music Video – Exclusive

The Nashville-based songstress opens up about her new single.

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While you probably haven’t heard of pop newcomer Cali Rodi yet, you have definitely heard of the situation her song “Cake” is about.

The pop tune — which gives us a major Katy Perry meets Haley Williams vibe — has a strong “girl power” message about self-worth and respect that all girls should be aware of.

“Cake” is a really special song for me because I wrote it knowing that I had to follow my own advice. I was seeing a guy who was seeing other people at the same time, and for so long I tried to be the “cool girl,” but ultimately had to recognize what I was and wasn’t okay with and walk away. I hope anybody who is in that same weird limbo can listen to this song and realize how much they’re worth.

While the music video isn’t out just yet, Cali gave Celeb Secrets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look to the visual to get us hype for its actual release!

“I shot the video for “Cake” with the amazing Alex Fauver and Jacob Caron (who also did the video for “Party Favor!”),” Rodi told us.  “We filmed in a life-sized dollhouse, which was a dream come true. There were pink roses, Disney VHS tapes, glass unicorns, vintage Barbie décor: it basically looked like the inside of my brain. These guys are so collaborative and take my ideas to the next level, so I couldn’t be more excited for you to see how it turned out!”

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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