Photo Credit: Kristine Hope Kowalski for Celeb Secrets

Catch Our Exclusive Photo Shoot with Rachel Crow

Celeb Secrets spent the sunniest day of Summer 2017 in New York City with the artist.

You can find Rachel Crow in a myriad of different places: she may be acting in a movie project, singing and creating new music, or using her platform and voice to speak up about the big issues she cares about. Or perhaps some combination of all of the above.

Rachel’s latest single “Dime,” is proof that her real art is how she blends her talents together so seamlessly. For this piece, she came together to write a song with the guys of indie-pop band AJR, and it turned out to be a truly collaborative project resulting in an infectiously fun, upbeat, and danceable track with a message.

“Dime” is about reclaiming and re-appropriating a term which, as Rachel admits herself, can have both positive and negative connotations. But in her context, its meaning is all about fun and freedom — which is really what summer is all about.

For our latest Celeb Secrets exclusive photo shoot, I met Rachel on the private rooftop of a midtown New York City hotel, overlooking Manhattan’s busy, bustling streets. The city is one of her favorite places to travel to, despite the persistent and weirdly humid type of heat. The midday summer sun was so powerful and intense that it made the skyscrapers practically shadowless, yet it couldn’t possibly radiate as much warmth as Rachel herself.

She couldn’t know it in advance, but Rachel’s bright yellow over-sized tee and coordinating honey-tinted sunglass lenses perfectly coordinated with the venue’s patio decor. When she cozied up to some lemon-bright pillows in the set’s string hammock, it was as if she arrived on set of her latest music video. There was even a surprise flower wall, which Rachel posed so perfectly in front of, I likened her portraits to Beyonce’s twin-reveal Instagrams.

Click through the gallery to see our exclusive photos from our rooftop shoot with Rachel, and make sure to leave us your reactions to let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Kristine Hope Kowalski for Celeb Secrets

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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