Caye Drops “Pink Tree (Intro)” As a Teaser To Upcoming Debut Album “Pink Tree Paradise”

And what a fine debut it’s going to be!

It’s not everyday that you hear a voice like Caye‘s. Trust me: I make it a point to try to expand my horizons and listen to new artists every chance I get, and not everyone out there truly stands out. Then there’s this guy, blowing everybody away. The Boston-born artist just dropped an track called “Pink Tree (Intro),” which — you guessed it! — is the introduction to his upcoming debut album Pink Tree Paradise. With smooth vocals and breezy beats, this song will take you to a summer paradise, and you don’t even have to book a ticket or deal with TSA.

Because Caye’s sound is so unique, it’s also nearly impossible to describe it. Another thing to trust me on: I’ve been trying to put words to it all day. The artist combines rap, hip-hop, and jazz vocals with a touch of indie singer/songwriter-type lyrics. He is a multi-instrumentalist who works drums, steel pan, guitar, and piano into his tracks. And even though he’s only just gearing up for his first album’s debut this June 1, he has already worked with top industry artists and is slaying the Spotify streams. He’s that good, and you’re just going to have to listen for yourself.

In a new interview, Caye spilled that “Pink Tree (Intro)” is a fitting sampler of what you can expect to hear from his forthcoming album. Which is great, because all we want is more. “It’s feel-good and happy. Chill but upbeat at the same time,” he shared. “I’ve always wanted to do music full time and not have to balance it between school and sports. Now I feel like I’m finally there.”

Up next, you’ll have to watch out for Caye’s official “Easy” music video, the track he recorded with Wiz Khalifa. You heard right. You better be paying attention to Caye so you can say you heard him first — because you may already be a little late to his game.

Make sure to check out Caye’s latest release in the video player above, and leave us your first reactions below.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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