Celeb Secrets Predicts the 6th Annual Streamy Awards

Happy October Readers!

It’s finally October and what can be more exciting than pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy? The 2016 Streamy Awards.

Everyone here at Celeb Secrets is excited to see our favorite youtube creators come together for one night to celebrate this year’s best in online video and the creators behind it. We are looking forward to who will be taking home a streamy award!

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In honor of The Streamy Awards being a few days away we have predicted who we believe will take home an award in the following categories: Breakout Creator, Best Comedy Series, First Person Channel, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Best Actor, Best Actress, Breakthrough Music Artist, Best Cover Song, Best Original Song, Live Social Media Star Snapchat Storyteller, Best Viner, and the most anticipated categories Entertainer of the Year and Best Show of the Year.

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Hosted by King Bach, the 2016 Streamy Awards will air live from the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, October 4th @ 9PM ET/ 6PM PT on YouTube.

BREAKOUT CREATOR: Baby Ariel; Dolan Twins; Jacob Sartorius; Liza Koshy; Simply Nailogical

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: The nominees have all become an instant hit within a short amount of time. I choose Liza Koshy. She’s relatable to her viewers and creates funny content. Her success has grown through her Vine, Youtube, and now her new show, Freakish.

BEST COMEDY SERIES: Good Mythical Morning; King Bach; Logan Paul; Miranda Sings; Ryan Higa

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: It’s hard to pick one because each of these nominees are very talented and hilarious in their own way, but I predict King Bach will take home the award. It would be nice to see the host of the show take home an award.

FIRST PERSON CHANNEL: Andrea Russett; Casey Neistat; DOSEofFOUSEY; Grace Helbig; Tyler Oakley

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Although I am a huge fan of Andrea Russett, my vote is going to Tyler Oakley. He will win this  award for his work and dedication to social issues.

BEAUTY: Cute Girls Hairstyles; Desi Perkins; Gigi Gorgeous; Grav3yardgirl; Kandee Johnson

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: These ladies know beauty both inside and out. The first person I ever watched on YouTube was Kandee Johnson. As much as I want her to win, I am going with Desi Perkins on this one.

LIFESTYLE: Connor Franta; Eva Gutowski; Glozell Green, Meg Deangelis; Rachel Levin

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: The nominees in this category all create really entertaining content. But, I have to pick Connor Franta. Connor Franta should receive this award because of how far he’s come. From being a member of O2L to now being an entrepreneur. Connor has created a clothing line and even his own website called Common Culture. We can’t forget about his book ‘A Work in Progress” which sold over 200,000 copies.

Ethan Dolan (L) and Grayson Dolan attend VH1’s 5th Annual Streamy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images

FASHION: Amanda Steele; Arden Rose; Aspyn Ovard; Maddi Bragg; Niki and Gabi

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Most channels on youtube revolve around fashion and beauty. Each nominee in this category has their own unique sense of fashion. I am a huge fan of Aspyn Ovard but, I have to go with Arden. Arden’s fashion style is very unique and vintage and that’s what I love about it.

BEST ACTOR: Chris Kendall- “Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures”; Dean Dobbs- “Jack and Dean of All Trades”; Jesse Ridgway- “McJuggerNuggets’ Psycho Series”; Kian Lawley- “The Chosen”; Preston Jones- “Sing It!”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: My vote goes to Preston James in “Sing It!”. This television series makes fun of singing competitions such as the Voice and American Idol. Not to mention Preston James acting is superb in this series.

BEST ACTRESS: Ana Akana- “Miss 2059”; Grace Helbig- “Electra Woman & Dyna Girl”; Hannah Hart- “Electra Women & Dyna Heart’; Jenn McAllister- “Foursome”; Lauren Giraldo- “Camp Unplug”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: It looks like a close call between Hannah and Grace, both nominated for Best Actress. These super girls are both amazing in their roles as Electra Heart (Helbig) and Dyna Girl (Hart). It looks like we’ll have tune in and see who wins.

BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST: Hailey Knox; Lil Dicky, Shawn Wasabi; Todrick Hall; Troye Sivan

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: My pick for this category goes to Troye Sivan. Troy Sivan emerged from YouTube to having his own album out with popular hits including “Wild” and “Youth.”

BEST COVER SONG: Alex Aiono – “One Dance and Hasta el Amanecer”; Boyce Avenue- “Photograph”; Kurt Hugo Schneider- “Send My Love”; Lindsey Sterling- “Hallelujah”; Pentatonic- “No”

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: Alex Aiono is all I have to say. His cover of “One Dance” was on repeat for days. The way he mashed up the two songs fit perfectly together and when he started singing in Spanish *heart eyes* I’m going with Alex on this one.

Tyler Oakley (L) and Grace Helbig attend VH1’s 5th Annual Streamy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
Source: Mike Windle/Getty Images

BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “Boombox” – Laura Marano; “Gold” – Kiiara; “I Hate U, I Love U”- Gnash feat Olivia O’Brien; “$ave That Money” – Lil Dicky feat Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan; “Way Down We Go”- Kale

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: “I Hate U, I Love U” will take home the award hands down. It instantly became a huge hit, not only because it is a beautiful song, but because it’s so relatable to many of us.

LIVE SOCIAL VIDEO: Brandon Rowland; Collins Key; Loren Beach; Merrell Twins; Roman Alwood

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: I think it’s a tie between Collins Key and the Merrell Twins. Collins Key amazes us with his magic tricks and hilarious videos while Veronica and Vanessa are each unique in their own way by creating funny skits and challenge videos. I’m rooting for Vanessa and Veronica!

SNAPCHAT STORYTELLER: Cameron Dallas; DJ Khaled; Julieanna Goddard; Pretty Litlle Liars; Shaun “Shonduras” McBride

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: While I must admit I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars, the key goes to DJ Khaled with his popular quotes of inspiration. He’s so popular that he even got a shout out from the White House. Let’s see if he can get another one at this year’s awards.

ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR: Baby Ariel; Cameron Dallas; Casey Neistat; The Dolan Twins; Kian Lawley; Lilly Singh; Liza Koshy; Roman Alwood; Sky Does Minecraft; Yousef Erakat

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: This category is a big one. Where do I even begin? Each nominee is unique in their own way. Baby Ariel became an instant hit on the app musical.ly while Cameron Dallas has emerged from youtube onto films such as Expelled and The Outfield. And who can forget when Lilly Singh played Heads Up with Michelle Obama and talked about the importance of higher education. Despite the difficult choice among the candidates, I believe Lilly Singh will sweep up this award. Lily uses her platform to promote Girl Love, which is a movement the encourages girls to drop the “mean girl” stereotype and to support each other instead. She has also put an importance on higher education and for this I believe she deserves an award for being inspiring and making a change.

SHOW OF THE YEAR: Camp Unplug; Daily Bumps; The Game Theorists; Good Mythical Morning; McJuggerNuggets’ Psycho Series; Miranda Sings; The Phillip Defranco Show; Rooster Teeth; The Try Guys; The Young Turks

WHO WE THINK WILL WIN: I predict this award will go to The Try Guys. Zach, Keith, Ned and Eugene have no shame when it comes to trying new things. Whether its strutting around in high heels or putting on drag queen outfits these guys never fail to make me laugh. I always look forward to their videos and see what crazy stuff they will try out next.

Written by Veronica Toscano

Veronica Toscano is an intern at Celeb Secrets. She is a communications major with a minor in TV/Film Production at Orange Coast College. She loves mac n cheese, art museums, photography, and film. In her free time, she enjoys going out to concerts, traveling, reading, and hanging out with friends.