Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite Connected Brands with Celebrities for the 89th Oscars

Celebrity Connected/Logo
Celebrity Connected/Logo

It’s no secret that artists, actors, musicians or social media personalities with a ‘following’ are a target for up and coming brands looking to enter the market.

Being endorsed by an ‘influencer’ enables brands to capitalize its influence on consumers. We have seen this phenomenon grow considerably in the last few years, with the rise of social media as a marketing tool. Celebrity Connected provides a platform for brands and celebrities to link directly, notably through their events where both parties can meet and mingle. Utilizing such platforms to increase a brand’s visibility has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies and has changed the marketing game!

Celeb Secrets had the chance to attend Celebrity Connected‘s Luxury Gifting Suite honoring the 89th Academy Awards last weekend, where 50 brands and a number of celebrities had the opportunity to mingle and create relationships. Not only is this the perfect environment for browsing and finding new trends, it is also a fun day out with friends, family or loved ones!

The atmosphere was fun, exciting, and of course… glamorous! All guests expressed their enthusiasm for being invited! Watch us interview some of the guests about their favorite fashion trends, style preferences as well as exciting upcoming projects.

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Written by Diana Espir