CelebSecrets4U Attends the “Just Go With It” Premiere in NYC!

CelebSecrets4U had the opportunity to hit the red carpet in NYC on February 7 to see a special screening of the film, Just Go With It.

We interviewed Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck from the film, who play Jennifer Aniston’s children.

Check out our exclusive movie review below! Coverage from the premiere is also attached!

In the onscreen film Just Go With It, Adam Sandler, who plays the role of Danny, is a nice guy who’s not all that successful with the ladies. After calling off his own wedding on the day he was supposed to get married, Danny heads to a bar, still wearing his wedding ring. He unavoidably meets a woman who is only willing to talk to him because of his ring. Flash forward 10 years, and although he’s now a successful plastic surgeon, the old wedding ring trick is still Danny’s main source of attracting women. A young, attractive, schoolteacher, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), meets Danny at a party and they share a genuine connection. The next morning, she finds the wedding ring in Danny’s pants and the charade begins.

It sounds all kind of unrealistic, but if you’re willing to suspend your sense of disbelief and “just go with it”, it actually kind of works. Rather than just telling her the truth, Danny convinces his single-mom assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), to pretend they’re married and actually in the process of getting a divorce. Somehow, all three, plus Katherine’s two kids and Danny’s cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson) are all important parts of making Danny’s plot work. In the movie, Adam Sandler’s chemistry with Jennifer Aniston is undeniable. Adam, while in character as Danny, never noticed how attractive Katherine was because she was always wearing glasses and had her hair up. Unfortunately for Palmer, she slowly begins to fade into the blackness of the past and Danny realizes Katherine is the only one for him. Things conveniently work out for everyone in the end and the road that gets them there is filled with predictable but funny, heart-felt moments.

I would definitely recommend this comedy film to viewers who are looking to enjoy themselves and relate to the situation that Danny (Adam Sandler) got himself into. In my opinion as a young critic, this specific movie draws viewers of the ages ranging from 15 and higher; however, all ages will most likely be in for a treat while waiting for the movie to begin. This film has been rated PG 13 in which I think is appropriate. I enjoyed seeing the Hollywood stars I’ve been familiar with while growing up being portrayed as new kinds of characters with new personalities. Remember Just Go With It is still in theaters near you but only for just a limited amount of time. Don’t hesitate to see it!\

Bailee Madison at the Just Go With It Premiere


Griffin Gluck at the Just Go With It Premiere


Mark Idelicato at the Just Go With It Premiere


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