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Courtesy of MSO PR
Courtesy of MSO PR

Hey CelebSecrets4U readers,

We’d like to introduce to an all new girl group that go by the name BLUSH! A  blush is an emotional sensation with a physical reaction, most notably  to anticipation, excitement or love. And for the new group Blush– comprised of Victora, Natsuko, Angeli, Ji Hae and Alisha – the  anticipation is huge, the excitement is genuine and the love is already  spreading around the world. The music of Blush is edgy and fun with a  unique spin, delivered by five gifted girls on a mission. The members  are all Asian, and all five have world-class talents and charm. And  they’ve snagged none other than Snoop Dogg for their premiere global single and video. The momentum is real. What you’re feeling is Blush.

Each Blush member’s personality is as distinctive as her background;  Victoria – ‘Queen V’ – is the regal and poised singer/dance with  model-looks and an extensive gymnast background who while being raised  in Hong Kong recorded several successful singles for the Chinese market.  Natsuko – ‘Nacho’ – is the Japanese dance-crew veteran with a Hip-Hop  vocal soul. Angeli is the sensual singer from the Philippines who was  former lead singer of two bands as well as a top contestant on Pinoy  Idol. Born and raised in Korea, Ji Hae is the seemingly shy former law  student with an R&B heart who has earned the nickname ‘Tiger’because of her wild side. And the youngest member, multi-talented and  multi-lingual Hindi singer/dance Alsiah – ‘L’il Ali’ – brings together  Bollywood and Salsa with Hip-Hop and World Pop. Together they embody the  style and spirit of girls everywhere, all with a sound and attitude  like no other international act today.

CelebSecrets4U was fortunate enough to chat with the girls all about working with Snoop Dogg, performing on So You Think You Can Dance, and even some upcoming album deets! Check it out below, and make sure to watch the music video for their recent single, Undivided.

CelebSecrets4U: How did you come up with the name BLUSH for your band?

Alisha – “The name Blush was actually given to us by our management company Far West Entertainment on the 29th of November 2010, which was the Project Lotus finale and also the day BLUSH was officially formed. We all love the name because it is short, simple, cute, feminine, easy to remember and we hope to make everyone BLUSH ! :P”

 CelebSecrets4U: Your new single, “Undivided,” is currently on the BIllboard Dance charts… congrats! What went in to the process
of recording the song and filming the music video?

JiHae –Through the process, I learned a lot of things. Recording with amazing producers, and filming the music video with Snoop Dogg taught us how to be professional. I’m really honored to work with them and I hope we can inspire others like these groups of talented people have inspired us.”

Angeli – When our management told us that Snoop Dogg would be featured in our first single Undivided we got really excited! It’s a great honor to be working with a legendary artist and we are thankful for all the great opportunities.” 

Victoria – “Thank you :). We are very happy that “Undivided” has done so well and we hope more and more people can be touched by this song. We were really touched by the message of “Undivided” as we heard it as a demo (written by Lindy Robbins) and we felt that it’s message was more than just a love song. We hit the recording studio in Hong Kong as soon as we could and Snoop added his part from the U.S. We are really grateful that Snoop was able to spare sometime from his busy schedule to film the music video with us. Once we could lock his date we made sure that Blush would be in the U.S. to film with Mr D-O-doubleG. “Undivided” is very much an international collaboration and our first step in creating Borderless music.”

Alisha – “Before getting started, we would listen to the demo and try singing it out to understand the message behind the song. This was done in order to get the full meaning and vibe behind the song. The recording process was our very first official detailed recording session, which required a lot of discovery and trial and error. We would practice and try out different harmonies, vocally warm-up, play around with different tones of our voices to see what would suit the lyrics.”

For the filming of the music video, it was a long 16 hour shoot with two 10 hour dance rehearsal days prior to learn the choreography and familiarize ourselves with the direction and general idea of the music video. It was amazing that we got to use these customized headphones made for each of us (they all represented a little of our personality and they looked so fresh and fly!) In addition, it was the first time Blush was not only recording a music video, but working with male back up dancers…and also getting to meet the amazing featured artist on our single “Snoop Dogg” who was super friendly, fun and fantastic to work with – he was very professional and shared his love for his favorite food joint in Los Angeles, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles!

Nacho – “Thank you so much. I am so honored to work with amazing producers and the legend of hip-hop, Snoop Dogg. He is one of my favorite rappers. I didn’t expect that such a huge opportunity would come into my life but since I became a part of Blush, everything has changed so fast. I still can’t believe it! I am so blessed!”

 CelebSecrets4U: What was the experience like performing the single on “So You Think You Can Dance?”

JiHae – “It was an amazing experience to perform on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ with Snoop Dogg. We were so nervous to be on that huge show but we really enjoyed it. I still can’t believe that we performed there actually!”

Angeli – “It’s a dream come true to perform in one of the biggest show in the U.S. We were all so nervous and excited but it was a great experience!”

Victoria –Being able to perform on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ was an amazing once in a lifetime experience! I started watching SYTYCD when the first season came out and to step on that stage where sheer talent is revealed and dreams are made was very overwhelming. Being grateful and thankful for the opportunity that was given to me helped calm myself down and focus on the task in hand. It was an unforgettable day!”

Alisha – The experience just to be able to have the opportunity to perform on So You Think You Dance for me was a true blessing – it was the hottest TV show in the summer in the States and because I come from a very strong passionate dance background, it felt so surreal. I knew that all my dance coaches and teachers who would watch the show would now being watching one of their students! I hope I did them proud!

Again working with Snoop Dogg was another great chance for us to also allow rap fans of Snoop to experience and get to know what Blush was about- we rocked our pimped out headphones again and worked with a different set of male backup dancers which was really fun!”

Nacho – Well, that was my favorite TV program.  Back home in Japan, my mom and I used to watch the show all the time. I still think that was just a dream to perform there but of course that was a huge opportunity for us to perform there. We were all so nervous and we worked out really hard. That was a good show I think, but we can always do better. We need to just keep working hard and be focused and believe in ourselves. I learned a lot through this process. I am so appreciative of all the experiences I am having with Blush.”

CelebSecrets4U: What can you tell us about your upcoming album? Will it sound like your other material?

JiHae – We hope to make the sound distinctive to ‘Blush’. Unique, Fun and International etc… We want to be original, not sound like someone. We want to create something different!”

Angeli  – “Every song we get from demos and song writers are different whether it be a ballad, a dance song or an up beat pop song  – but whatever it is we make sure we make it our own. We are aiming for an international pop sound but still with a touch of Asian

Victoria – We’re still in the process of recording and selecting the best songs for our debut album. In the process we’re still exploring and
experimenting with our sound and building upon the songs we have now. I hope it will be a nice surprise for everyone and I hope it will make you Blush!!”

Alisha – We hope to release an EP Chinese New Year next year (2012). Our hopes for the sound we portray and material we release will have a very mysterious but alluring tone and vibe. We aim to have an international pop sound in general but are very open to trying out and working with different genres and artists. Some of the songs we have recorded have a variety of sounds from futuristic trance and electronic feel to very cute and sassy feel with Asian instruments inspired in the music.”

Nacho – “We hope our album or EP will release around Chinese New Year and we are still working on tracks because we want the best songs possible for Blush and it has to be right when we release that first album or EP.  We always have a great time in the recording studio. I love working with my Blush sisters and great producers as well. I can’t wait to release our album!!! It’s gonna be CRAZY! We hope we make you blush!”

CelebSecrets4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret about yourself?

JiHae – “I can make animal noises. Crow and Dying pig!  haha When we got bored in the car, we roll down the window and just do my animal noises to random people and watch the reaction. It’s stupid but FUN!”

Angeli  – “I am a Maroon 5 fanatic. I listen to their songs 24/7 and even the Blush girls know every lyric of their songs because I play them so much haha!:)”

Victoria – If I had to give away a secret about myself, I guess it would be that I have a secret weakness for French Bread and Nutella.”

Alisha- “At 19 years old, I still have a few baby teeth that refuse to come out! GOD HELP ME LOL!”

Nacho- “Well… I don’t have secrets. I am always open and show people who I am. But… we Blush LOVE TO EAT! Sometimes at the interviews they ask us “you guys have great bodies..how come you guys can keep the proportion?!” We are like… what?! Just eat! But only eating can make you fat. You must eat the right foods and at the right time and we always drink a lot of water! Plus we dance a lot for exercise:)”

There you have it! Here’s Blush’s “Undivided” music video:

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