CelebSecrets4U Chats with Lucas Cruikshank aka FRED Figglehorn!

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Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred  stars Cruikshank in the title role and showcases Modern Family’s Ariel Winter as Talia, WWE’s John Cena as Fred’s dad and Victorious’ Daniella Monet as Bertha.  The movie follows Fred Figglehorn after he discovers that his favorite music teacher has been replaced by a new instructor, Mr. Devlin (Seth Morris).  Fred gets even more upset when he finds out that Kevin (Jake Weary), his arch enemy, is Mr. Devlin’s star pupil.  Just when Fred thinks his situation couldn’t get any worse, Mr. Devlin moves next door and begins dating his mom.  After seeing his new neighbor bury something in his backyard, it dawns on Fred that Mr. Devlin is a vampire!  Fred’s new mission is to convince the rest of the school of Devlin’s true identity.

Lucas HIMSELF took the time out of his super busy schedule to give us a call and chat all about the movie. Check out the EXCLUSIVE Q&A below:

CelebSecrets4U: What can you tell us about your new movie, “Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred?”

Lucas Cruikshank: “I’m really excited for the fans to see it, its a continuation of the first Fred movie which was on Nickelodeon last year. If you don’t know who Fred is, he’s this crazy, obnoxious character and he doesn’t have very good social skills, so therefore, when he has a new neighbor that moves in right next door, he kinda creeps on them and gets all paranoid because he’s convinced that there’s something that’s totally evil about him and that he’s gonna possess the whole town. He just gets himself another big mess.”

CelebSecrets4U: What was it like having John Cena, Daniella Monet, and Ariel Winter be apart of the film?

Lucas Cruikshank: “It was a blast! I mean Ariel and Daniella were new additions . The first movie I worked with John Cena, so I was already passed being totally afraid of how muscular he is! He’s a totally cool guy. I was so surprised when I met him because I was expecting him to be like this obnoxious man. I don’t know, that’s how I always pictured a wrestler to be like, but he’s really cool and really really nice. Daniella I’ve actually met before at an event so it was awesome to work with her. Ariel: I’ve always been a huge fan of Modern Family, so I was so excited to get her in the movie and her character is actually a new addition. She’s never been seen in the videos or anything and she’s Kevin’s little sister, so yeah it was a blast working with all of them.”

CelebSecrets4U: Do you have a favorite memory from shooting?

Lucas Cruikshank: “I remember towards the end we had to shoot with the worst timing ever. We got all the inside work done first and when we were shooting the outside scenes it was raining! It wasn’t very convenient and we had to get all this stuff done in the rain. It was cool for me because I like the rain but it was so much fun and a little more difficult because it wasn’t supposed to be raining in the scenes but it all worked out!”

CelebSecrets4U: Did you ever imagine your YouTube channel would lead to two movies and a huge fanbase?

Lucas Cruikshank: “No! Actually I wouldn’t have ever imagined that! I always wanted to be a performer since a young age and I have always been interested in writing and being an actor and making people laugh and that sort of thing so I always wanted to do something like that really bad but I live in Nebraska so it kind of seems like a dream that wasn’t rally possible. I always knew that somehow it would come true because I cant really see myself doing anything else besides writing and entertaining. Everything worked out really well and I am so thankful for all the fans that made it happen.”

CelebSecrets4U: What’s next for “Fred”?

Lucas Cruikshank: “I started this thing called FiggleChat, where Fred is this talk show host and interviews other people from the internet and other people like Perez Hilton on YouTube. He asks them totally obnoxious questions and makes the interviews really uncomfortable and awkward. There will also be an animated series for Fred online and I’m super excited about that because I think that Fred is already such a cartoon character his actions are an easy transmission to become an animation.”

CelebSecrets4U: Why should our readers tune in on October 22nd?

Lucas Cruikshank: “I think CelebSecrets4U readers should tune in because first of all its a really cool story and its October 22nd, so you will already be in the Halloween mood and Daniella, John and Ariel added a lot to this movie. From the first movie it was just Fred and his own personal journey by himself and the what’s cool about the second movie is that you get to see more of Fred with the other characters like Fred’s relationship with Bertha. I think the fans will really enjoy this movie.”

CelebSecrets4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret or hidden talent about yourself?

Lucas Cruikshank: “I like to go to concerts a lot and checking out different venues! I absolutely love watching live music and the whole vibe about being at a concert.”

Make sure to tune in to Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred THIS SATURDAY at 8PM/7c only on Nickelodeon!

Written by Juliet Schroder

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