CelebSecrets4U Chats with Olympic Freeskier Torin Yater Wallace – Read the Interview! (@TorinWallace)

Torin+Yater+Wallace+European+Winter+X+Games+yQsx_7zXanclThe Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games are officially here and Pop-Tarts has partnered with U.S. Olympic team member and freestyle skier Torin Yater Wallace to put a “crazy good” spin on the competition. With the help of Pop-Tarts, Torin will be giving teens an exclusive look inside his “crazy good” adventures at the Winter Games.

Since he hit the slopes at the age of seven, Torin has challenged himself to go bigger and be more creative each day on skis. In 2011, he nailed his landing onto the freeskiing scene when he became the youngest Winter X-Games medalist in history–and is quickly becoming the face of the sport.

The brand’s partnership with Torin isn’t the only way Pop-Tarts is making this winter Crazy Good. Team USA enthusiasts can use the Crazy Good Me app on the Pop-Tarts Facebook page to create their own unique winter athlete avatar – complete with customizable clothes and competition gear – and share it with friends through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. New accessories like Torin’s favorite hats and mittens will be updated throughout the Games so the Crazy Good characters can look stylish all the way through the Closing Ceremony.

Fans can also head to the breakfast aisle to find Torin on the back of limited edition Pop-Tarts boxes sold nationwide or to the Facebook page for updates on his Olympic journey via epic photos and videos of tricks and moments off the slopes. For more behind-the-scenes access to Torin, and additional Team USA updates at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, join the #CrazyGoodWinter conversation on Twitter and follow poptarts411 on Instagram.

Take a read at our Q&A with Torin below. Make sure to tune in to the Olympics on NBC!

How do you feel about freeskiing being in the Olympics for the first time? Do you think there is a future for the sport in the Olympics?

Torin: “It is going to be great, it will be the first time many people have seen our sport.  I grew up watching X Games and my heroes where Simon Dumont and Tanner Hall, now I have been giving the ability to take what they created and pass it on to even more people.”

You’ve been in the game since age seven, how do you feel about coming this far? What is your advice for starters?

Torin: “Do what you love, that is why I am here.  I love skiing and the sport, there is nothing better for me.”

How do you feel about Pop-Tarts interaction with fans through the competition? For example: Crazy Good characters on the Facebook page will be able to look stylish with your favorite hats & mittens and fans can share it through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Torin: “It’s cool that Pop-Tarts is giving fans an inside look at my journey and a new Olympic sport. It gives people a chance to see what our sport is about and what it takes to get to the Olympics.  You can check out my behind-the-scenes pics and videos on the Pop-Tarts Facebook page or join the conversation on Twitter using the #CrazyGoodWinter hashtag.”

How do you feel about being in the back of limited edition Pop-Tarts boxes, which will be sold nationwide?

Torin: “It is pretty crazy, never thought I would see myself in the isles at a grocery store, but super cool!”

What do you think about Pop-Tarts teaming up with U.S. teens, do you think it sends a positive message out to teens that want to be in the Olympics one day?

Torin: “I am a teenager and I love them.  For me especially I am always on the go traveling everywhere, they are so good and easy to throw in my bag whether I am traveling or on top of the pipe, it becomes either a breakfast or snack wherever I am at.”

How are you preparing for the big day at Sochi?

Torin: “With this being my first time and our sports first time, I am trying to take it as just another big X Games.  It is what I can relate to and how I need to stay focused.”

Is there something you are nervous/scared about?

Torin: “Not really, not sure about those Olympic sweaters though.”

It has taken hard work and dedication to get where you are, what has been the biggest challenge?

Torin: “Injuries are always the challenge, and not so much the recovery but it is hard to be patient when all I want to do is ski.  But I am happy I am healthy now and ready for the Olympics!”

Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, can you share one secret about yourself with our readers?

Torin: “It’s not really a secret, but if I am not skiing all I want to do is be skating.  Love skateboarding and what guys like P Rod and Scheckler can do on a board.”

Photo: Richard Bord/Getty Images

Written by Juliet Schroder

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