CelebSecrets4U EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Jade Ramsey from “House of Anubis!”

Nickelodeon is having a week of premieres starting today! The show, House of Anubis, airs at 7PM ET/PT with brand new episodes! This series follows a group of teenagers that attend an English boarding school and end up stumbling upon a mystery that they try to solve! Although they are trying to solve this mystery,they also have to deal with the stress of their teenage years! CelebSecrets4U has the 411 on the cast!  First up is Jade Ramsey, who plays Patricia! When we talked to her, we made sure to ask Jade to tell us what Patricia is like! “Patricia is strong-willed, independent, tough and stands up for herself. She is extremely loyal to her best friend Joy, and when she goes missing, she will not give up until she finds her. I think Patricia has a very sarcastic sense of humor, and is a really fun person to be around. She is wild, and not scared of authority, she stands up for what she believe in, even if it means loosing friends and upsetting her classmates. She sees everything in black and white, which means she is unpredictable and you never know what she’s going to do next!”

A lot of times actors are nothing like the characters they play on TV. Jade dished that she had fun playing someone who was so much different than herself! Although Jade said she was different then her character, she also told us she does relate to her in some ways! “I do have her stubbornness, and will most definitely stand up for what i think is right. I am more laid back than she is, and not so mean, but I am independent like her, I always go off on random adventures, and at school, I definitely stood up for myself to teachers if I believed something was right” says Jade. Many people would love a chance to step out of their comfort zone and do something that they normally wouldn’t do and that’s what playing someone your nothing like is about! “It is fun though, getting to play someone different to myself, as I never got to shout at teachers, break into the school offices and throw water on classmates.” she added.

One question that is always running through a fan’s mind is “Is the cast really friends?” Well we got the 411 on the House of Anubis cast! “We all bonded incredibly quickly actually. Spending every day working together, and then living together too, meant we got to know each other really quickly.Jade gushes. The cast even helped each other run lines! Jade told us that all of the characters are very different so they would never try to direct each other! They left all the directing up to the director!

Love interests play a very big part in many teen shows, so when we asked Jade who she would like to see play her love interest she told us Russell Brand! “He might me a bit old for Patricia…but she’s quite mature, I think they would make a good couple!!
If House of Anubis ever had a special crossover episode, Jade would love for it to be with a show that hasn’t started airing yet called Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures (Starring Ashley Argota!!!).It is hilarious, so so funny and it is set on the beach! The guys are cute too, so that would be really funnnnnnnn!” Who wouldn’t love to work with cute boys!? Guess we better look out for that show! 🙂

Since valentines day is right around the corner we made sure to ask Jade what this holiday meant to her! “Well I don’t have a valentine this year…..so sadly not too much! I still have a few weeks though…so maybe I’ll find one before feb 14th..I do however LOVE all the valentines candy!! Especially here in America, it is a much bigger holiday than in England, I do love the chocolates though even if I’m buying them for myself!” says Jade. We asked Jade what she thought an ideal romantic Valentine’s Day date would be! She told us she’s not a very romantic person. “I would say, a date somewhere really fun like monster truck racing (I just went there with some friends and it was amazing), or laser tag, a music concert, a soccer match somewhere chilled or fun, so there’s not so much pressure if it’s a first date situation and you can get to know each other relaxingly. Then after that, go to a cool meal somewhere, that could be more romantic. I LOVE FOOD, especially french food, cheese!! So a real cool french restaurant, or a quirky unusual place I’ve never been before would be nice.”

This week, House of Anubis will be super exciting. Here’s what to expect: “Even more suspense, more adventure, more shocks and surprises….each time I got a new script, I was like WHAT!!!!! There are some very exciting twists coming up, the mystery just keeps getting better, and the characters keep getting funnier.” Jade says. She also told us about a new relationship! “There are also some exciting changes on the whole relationship, dating aspect of the show!! Patricia and Mr Sweet start dating.” She quickly added that was just a joke!!!

Here at Celebsecrets4U we’re all about secrets. So we made sure to ask Jade to tell us one secret about herself! “Okay, I have a twin sister and at school we would swap classes, I had a really mean cooking teacher who hated me, my food always tasted delicious, but would look really messy like I dropped it on the floor, so I made Nikita my twin take that class for me… we even helped each other at tests…we did get caught though so decided never to do that again!

Make sure to tune in tonight at 7PM for the week of premieres! Keep checking celebsecrets4u.com for more updates with the rest of the cast!!

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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