CelebSecrets4U Gets the Scoop on “Big Hero 6” Straight From the Cast (#BigHero6)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

CelebSecrets4U had the opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California to give our readers a closer look to Disney’s new film, Big Hero 6, straight from the stars themselves. Cast members at the special event included Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, TJ Miller, Jamie Chung, Genesis Cruz, and Damon Wayans, Jr.,  Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams also participated in the press conference.

Big Hero 6 is about a young boy named Hiro (Ryan Potter) who is going through a rough patch in his life and he finds a robot his brother invented named Baymax. Hiro then uses Baymax and a couple of other friends and form a superhero team to defeat a masked villain.

Baymax was originally designed to be a health care provider, but Hiro reprograms him to help him fight off the bad guy. Baymax plays an important role in Hiro’s life because he becomes Hiro’s closest friend and Baymax really helps Hiro through this difficult time. The friendship between these two will capture the viewer’s hearts and so will Baymax himself.

“Hiro physically rebuilds Baymax, but Baymax emotionally rebuilds Hiro. The two really are polar opposites, but thats why they attract,” said actor Ryan Potter, who plays the voice of Hiro.

Baymax really does help Hiro emotionally and in the end Baymax helps Hiro make the right choice and steer clear from vengeful behavior.

Big Hero 6 displays many themes throughout the film, including revenge, loss, adventure and comedy. There are parts in the film where the viewer will be laughing hysterically, but there are also scenes that will pull at your heart strings and make you emotional and be on verge of tears.

“The topics that are a little bit more difficult like revenge, loss, grief, and death are balanced really well with comedy and heart that Disney can do better than anyone else. And Marvel is so great with action and super heroes. There’s a lot of themes that aren’t dealt with in every comic book or superhero story. It’s kind of got it all,” said T.J. Miller, who plays Fred in the film.

The superheros in Big Hero 6 are very unique from any other superhero film because they are just normal human beings that don’t really have super powers. They use their intelligence to create a sort of defense that will help them try to defeat the villain. Their main superpower is their brain and their intelligence.

“This is a very empowering film and it shows that anyone can be a superhero if you just put your mind to it. I hope that when this movie comes out kids are interested in science again and that they want to be engineers and just be brilliant again,” said Genesis Rodriguez, voice of Honey Lemon (one of the other superheroes in the film).

Big Hero 6 opens in theaters this Friday, November 7th. To read our detailed review of the film, click here.