CelebSecrets4U Movie Review: Disneynature’s “Bears” (@disneynature @disneypictures)

64696841d8fe7ff7b58d553d201c2b50d01b33a4This Earth Day, Disneynature captures the life of Bears to show the story of Sky and her two baby cubs Scout and Amber.  This film was shot over a year in Alaska as they capture Sky, Scout, and Amber embark on a journey through snowy mountains, the beach, valleys, and rivers to find food.

The movie starts with Scout and Amber sleeping and getting fed, but things are not this relaxing for long.  Quickly Sky knows they need to get a move on to get over the snowy mountain to start their adventure.

Throughout the movie you will see how difficult it is for the bears to get food, especially for the cubs.  Sky is used to being on her own when finding food, but she now she has to slow down her pace and overcome obstacles to defend her baby cubs, which sometimes meant staring down the alpha male bear so he will leave them alone.

This whole journey is not an easy task especially for the cubs; they face an avalanche, other hungry bears, who are willing to eat Scout and Amber, and the task itself of finding salmon.

The movie itself was the funniest and most interesting when they showed the bears just being themselves as bears. There were funny scenes such as, sky accidentally dropping rocks on her cub as she is looking for food and scout getting his claws stuck in clamshells. These scenes were also followed by cheesy and humorous narrative commentary, which reminded me of the old Disney movie “Homeward Bound.”

The filmmakers captured breathtaking scenes, such as when the avalanche is quickly coming down the mountain with the bears racing down to safety and the way they managed to capture the salmon jumping and going to the next part of the river. The overall movie expresses the lives of bears and their story of survival.

Bears his theaters April 18, 2014 and if you see the movie opening week Disneynature, will make a donation in your honor to the National Park Foundation!

Check out two clips from the film below.

Bears – “Digging Up Clams” – Clip

Bears – “First Steps” – Clip

Photo: DisneyNature