CelebSecrets4U Movie Review: “Planes: Fire & Rescue” (@DisneyPictures)

planesfireandrescue53399bca5e0d9“When others fly out, heroes fly in” is the tagline for DisneyToon Studio’s sequel to last year’s Planesand Planes: Fire & Rescue works because it acts as a tribute to the brave firemen and women who risk their lives on a daily basis. In fact, the film is dedicated to them, and it goes out of its way to portray them as brave and humble heroes whose importance cannot be underestimated. Kids already love firefighters, and the movie plays off that to introduce a cast of characters that they (especially little boys) will love to see in action.

Planes: Fire & Rescue starts as a classic injured athlete story: when world-famous air racer Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) discovers that his engine is damaged and that he may never be able to race again, a series of incidents leads him to travel to Piston Peak National Park, where he trains under veteran fire-and-rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his crew of firefighting aircraft who are devoted to keeping the park and its tourists safe from wildfires. When a massive wildfire erupts, Dusty and the team must risk their lives in order to battle it, and Dusty learns what it takes to be a true hero.

Though the movie is clearly aimed for the younger set, I enjoyed how much the filmmakers obviously researched how fighting wildfires really works, and the care they took to authentically portray these scary situations. There is a great deal of humor in Fire & Rescue, but also a lot of tension and action that elevate it above the original film. More importantly, the messages about second chances and environmental protection are strong for a children’s movie. Planes: Fire & Rescue is a heartfelt homage to American national parks and the people who keep them safe.

You can catch it in theaters on July 18th.

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