CelebSecrets4U Talks to Team Gwen’s Korin Bukowski After Elimination – Read the Q&A! (@NBCTheVoice @KorinBukowski)


Team Gwen‘s Korin Bukowski has fought to win over America’s votes for the past two weeks as she has landed in the bottom two during the live shows on The Voice.

On Tuesday, December 1st, America came to a vote that was not in Korins’ favor saving teammate Braiden Sunshine.

CelebSecrets4U had the opportunity to speak to the optimistic Korin Bukowski to get advice for rising stars like herself and the inside scoop on what its like to be a contestant on The Voice — make sure to read the Q&A below!

The Top 9 return to the stage next Monday, December 7th @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC to perform for America’s votes.

CS4U: How has Selena Gomez helped you throughout the process along with you coach, Gwen?

Korin Bukowski: “I got to meet Selena Gomez at the battle round and she was an absolute delight. She was so nice and just made sure to let us know to be ourselves on stage and to emote well with the song that I was given. I was given Samson at battle. That’s a very emotional song. And she just tried to tell us to make sure that we were honest on stage and were comfortable with the stage and ourselves. And she helped us a lot with that. And Gwen yes, same thing. She’s always been telling me, “I want that awkward, quirky girl to be on stage. I want that.” And then one time I was like serious or something and she was goes, “I don’t like you like that. I don’t like you serious.” And I was laughing because I don’t like when I’m serious, too. I can’t take myself seriously. But she’s also helped me, you know, just embrace the person that I am and it’s ok to be who you are and it doesn’t matter what people say about you.

CS4U: What is your favorite performance that you performed throughout your time on The Voice? 

Korin Bukowski: “My favorite was actually my knockout. I really loved that song and I loved performing it and it was the most fun I’ve had on the show in total.”


CS4U: Do you have a signature look or style? Something that screams ‘Korin’?

Korin Bukowski: “I just think my personality, honestly. Not saying I have the best personality, but definitely I think a lot of people can relate to it. I’ve never been a comfortable person. I’ve always been uncomfortable, and a lot of people think that’s not ok. And I think I’m an ambassador for saying that is ok and that’s just who you are and just own it. So, maybe just that.”

CS4U: Would you recommend competitions such as The Voice to other young singers, such as a friend from home? If so, why or why not?

Korin Bukowski: “I say do it. You know, it’s an amazing experience. I do think you need to have a good head on your shoulders and be a little bit more resilient because it is hard. It’s a competition, after all. And we like to call it The Hunger Games. It’s fun and it’s great. You meet amazing people. You do amazing, incredible things. But it is hard. You grow like a family. You grow close to each other, and it’s hard to see them go. And it’s difficult to leave as well because, you know, you work on this show for so long, even prior to blind auditions you were working on this show. And it’s a little difficult to build yourself back up. So I’d say do it if this is what you want to do and it’s your passion because if it’s your passion, you’ll let nothing get in your way. So I say do it.” 

CS4U: So could you tell us a little bit about life behind the scenes at The Voice?

Korin Bukowski: “That’s my favorite part of the whole show, honestly. It’s incredible to meet – like aside from meeting celebrities and having to work with them, that stuff is just amazing. It’s dream world. But behind the scenes, you get to talk to such incredible people that are on the same journey as you and no one — not your best friends — will understand what you went through on this show, not a one. And all these people do. And to have such a support system with you and people understanding how you feel, what you’re going through is just; there are no words for it. And it’s so much fun backstage. Behind the scenes is so much fun because we’re all jokesters and I’ve made friends for life and we just have a blast.”

CS4U: Do you think this a friendship that is post-The Voice, one that you guys will continue throughout life and your careers?

Korin Bukowski: “Yes. I’ve made friends for life here. You know, not only with the contestants but the cast – or the staff as well. I’ve made friends for a lifetime.”

CS4U: Do you have a best friend on The Voice? 

Korin Bukowski: “I would say I have three — Evan McKeel. Unfortunately, he left last week. Amy Vachal and then Jordan Smith, we’re all a big squad.”

CS4U: What advice would you have for young singers who admire you?

Korin Bukowski: “I have so much advice. What I would tell myself if I was younger is that don’t let anyone tell you you can’t, because you most definitely can do whatever you want to do. And it’s up to you to do it. You’re in control of what you do at this point in your life and further. I just want people to believe in themselves a little more because I didn’t and I wish I did, because I might be here – I might’ve been in this competition earlier. Who knows what could’ve happened. I just want people who doubt themselves to not doubt themselves, and I want people to be comfortable and love who they are right now and be accepting of that because that is what makes you unique. That’s what you should be confident in and that’s what people like seeing. They like seeing people who are confident in who they are and that will get you success. That will bring you success in life.”