CelebSecrets4U’s Q&A with Brad Kavanagh from “House of Anubis!”

Just like we promised, CelebSecrets4U is here to help you get to know the House of Anubis cast! We already filled you in on the 411 with Jade Ramsey, and now we’re here to tell you all about her co-star Brad Kavanagh!

Brad plays Fabian on House of Anubis. “Fabian is a very shy guy! He’s the type of person who is always there for you even though you may not hear him. Even though some of the other characters think of Fabian as a bit of a push-over, he usually surprises them by showing real strength in who he is. he was so much fun to be.” Brad says. He also dished that he and his character Fabian share some qualities! “I’ve always been really happy to help people no matter what the situation and I have always tried to be there for others when they’ve found things hard.” It sounds to us here at Celebsecrets4U that Brad is the type of friend you would want to keep around! He says, “I always have been the shoulder to cry on.” Brad shares that he and his cast mates have found the best group of friends within each other! “Everyone has their own character off set too and we all get on very well, doing House of Anubis was literally an adventure from the start and it’s great to be sharing with such an awesome bunch of people.” says Brad. We even found out a little fun fact about the cast for all of you House of Anubis fans! “We would usually all come together in group scenes and try to choreograph some little routines between characters, especially in classroom scenes! sometimes you could see a whole other story going on in the background! If it was a classroom scene where you weren’t in the action, We would do anything from draw funny pictures of each other or make up some drama between our characters like fighting over different coloured pens or something! Alex was amazing at doing these, sometimes i had to struggle to keep a straight face, seriously.” Brad dished.
When we asked Brad who he would like to see guest star and play Fabian’s love interest, he told us it might cause a little friction with Nina, but if he had to choose, he’d pick Tori from Victorious! “It’d be really interesting to see a musical person enter the show such as Tori from Victorious, in the series you see fabian learning to play guitar and you can see he has an underlying musical passion, so maybe someone musical would bring that out in him.” says Brad. If House of Anubis was to have a special cross-over episode with another Nickelodeon show,he told us he would love for it to be iCarly! Not only would he pick iCarly, He knows the exact set-up that he would like to see! “iCarly should do a Halloween webcast from England and visit House of Anubis to stay the night and do a spooky web-show, I tremble to think what Alfie and Jerome would get up to though! Not to mention Victor wouldn’t be too pleased.

Brad is very excited about the new episodes of House of Anubis that are coming up! He told us there are lots to expect! “They can expect so much more adventure! literally, the mystery has hardly begun yet, there’s so much to the house of Anubis that even i lose track sometimes! You can expect characters to change and even grow stronger, you can even expect some more mysteries to surface, but i can’t give it away, you guys will have to watch and find out.” Guess we’ll all have to wait it out and see what’s going to happen next on House of Anubis but it sure sounds like it’s just going to keep getting more and more interesting!

And of course since we’re all about secrets here at Celebsecrets4U, we asked Brad to tell us one of his secrets! He told us “I guess one secret is that I am a very self-conscious person, I will always be making sure that I don’t have one of those weird hairs you get that stick up all day, or that I’m wearing something a bit strange, or that I answer a question with a really silly answer hehe! I guess we all have our little quirks and that certainly is mine

We had a great time getting to know two of the cast members from House of Anubis, and we hope you did too! Keep checking back for more exclusives from the House of Anubis cast, including a Q&A with Nathalia Ramos!!


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